Online Workshop + Packages

Level 1, Stages 1 & 2, Starter, Wellbeing and Chakra Balancing Packages

Vitali-Chi (pronounced Vie-Tally-Chee) is a non invasive Energy & Wellbeing system, that will bring many benefits to you, your practice and your clients. To learn how to use this breakthrough in healing, we have created our online Level 1 course.


We have split the course into two Stages: In Stage 1, we explore the Human Energy System and far beyond. From auras, chakras and meridians to the hypothalamus and all points in between. We also explore the important role that emotions play in our overall wellbeing.


Stage 2 includes further training and importantly, the physical products contained in the Packages, including your very own Vitali-Chi Boost, headphones, diffuser, retail and practice stock, along with a whole lot more.


At the end of Stage 2, you will become  a qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioner - Level 1.


You will have all that you need to get started, including  our vibrational products that will further help your clients between treatments.


For more information on all of this just follow this link or if you want to get started, please purchase one of the packages below: