Come & Join Our
Yoga, Health & Wellness Retreat

4 days of yoga, meditation, wellbeing, peace, fun and relaxation, 
deep in the Essex countryside

June 6th - 9th 2023
July 4th - 7th 2023
Sept 12th - 15th 2023

4 Days To Restore 

4 days to restore your energy and wellbeing. Rediscover your wellness in the serene Essex countryside, near Bradwell-on-Sea, with great views over the estuary. We will help you re-find your balance. 4 days of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dietary, health, relationship wellbeing, nature, games, exercises, joy, laughter and contemplation. A truly holistic retreat.

We’ll Provide The Ambience

If you have been stressed or anxious, or have had any relationship difficulties, then this retreat will be perfect for you. Not relevant? We have deliberately designed this retreat to 'cover all bases', so no matter what you are looking for, you will be taking away some valuable life skills and strategies. This is a real chance for you to revitalise your energy. With plenty of time for you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that life by the estuary brings. 

Discover New Powers

All aspects of wellbeing will be covered including how to enhance your relationships, how to find your inner power, tap into your intuition and discover your true potential. Think of this as a refined tune-up for your mental health.


Meditation Made Easy

We will have yoga and meditation sessions every day, led by experienced leaders and by the way, if you have ever struggled to meditate, then we have good news for you. You will be using Vitali-Chi Balance, a copper energy system designed to help you get into the ‘zone’. It really does make meditating easy. It also delivers a myriad of health benefits. 

Outside Bliss

Our yoga and meditation sessions will be outside – weather permitting! We really want you to have a wonderful and relaxing time, and we will do everything we can to make that happen. 

Quality Time

This is a great opportunity to meet and make new and maybe lifelong friends, and also spend quality time with your hosts Jill and Allen Jesson, founders of Vitali-Chi (and creators of their fabulous wellbeing and skincare range).

Jill has been a wellbeing therapist for over 35 years. Allen, along with his culinary skills, will share some of his stress management and other knowledge gained in over 30 years of corporate life.

Cooked and Prepared From Scratch

3 delicious energy giving meals a day, thoughtfully sourced, cooked and prepared from scratch. All dietary requirements (gluten free, vegan etc.) can be requested and catered for. 

Picnic and Wild Swim

On the second day or evening (depending on tides) we are planning to have a picnic on our private beach, so don’t forget to bring your swimming costume if you fancy an evening wild swim. Or for the less adventurous, you can picnic in the garden. It’s your call. 

Free Time

We have designed enough free time for you so you can do some bird watching on your own, or with our very experienced bird watcher. You may choose to go canoeing on the estuary, take a boat trip or enjoy the 30 minute walk to the local pub. Why not enjoy a game on the lawn, or even a session in the hot tub, maybe with a glass of something? Whilst we’re on that subject, we’ll provide the ambience, the hot tub, the view over the estuary, we’ll even supply the soft drinks. But if you do want a glass of bubbly or whatever, then please BYO.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Artist

Why not paint one of your favourite scenes? We’ll even provide the brushes, water colours and canvas for you. Or learn a new skill? Anyone for Bridge? Or poetry? Or just chill? We really don’t mind, it is YOUR retreat. You could even take an evening walk and follow in the footsteps of St.Cedd to The Chapel of St.Peter-On-The-Wall ( 

The Choice is Yours

We have the house to ourselves with no housekeepers. There is a choice of 14 bedrooms, inside and outside, twin, double or singles, ensuite or not, TV or not, the choice is yours. 

So, What Do The 4 Days Include?

Well, after your warm welcome, you will be shown your room and given time to settle in. Then we will have our first group meeting where we will outline what is going to happen in the following days. You can see the full itinerary here.  

We are proud to have been voted as one of the Top 7 Yoga Retreats in the UK. Please check out your accommodation options here. Please remember, prices include full board and all scheduled activities.



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