Causes of fear 

  • Believing untrue messages from the past
  • Believing untrue messages made currently
  • Believing untrue messages about the future
  • Not acting upon true messages. This will lead to fear of the consequences from not acting upon messages
  • Procrastinating taking action
  • Avoidance of confrontation
  • Learned helplessness in not knowing how to overcome a problem and find a solution
  • Not knowing adequate skills to overcome a problem 

There comes a point in time when the fear will need to be confronted and dealt with once and for all. Fear needs:- 

  • A pro-active solution
  • Confidence to confront it
  • Self love to stop its destruction
  • Skills to not believe delusional messages 

When the belief that is driving the fear is stopped, the person will automatically calm down within. Then the emergency fight or flight response to real or imagined fear will stop, which will stop the fear from being driven.

Just like symptoms of anxiety, past, current and future fear rev up the adrenals and any additional rushing around further drives the adrenals which then drives the fear response. 

The body when calm and relaxed is less likely to believe the untrue message. A state of calm also creates rational behaviour rather than scattered thinking and irrational behaviour. This is because adrenalin made by fear prepares the body for emergency, fight or flight. When the body gets itself into this state (The Stress Response), it really is ready for action – to fight or flee from the fear which it believes to be true. 

For the body to remain calm and relaxed it needs a solution to its problem, which will pacify the belief that their fear won’t come true. 

As soon as the person believes the untrue message, fear is created. For it to cease, the message first needs to be eliminated and then a new positive message put back in its place. To do this, the person needs to ‘parent their frightened child within’ and re-assure the child that there is no evidence that the message is true. 

If the fear is made from a belief that is untrue, then this solution of ‘self talk’, re-assures them that the fear message is just their fear talking; there is no evidence that this fear message will come true. 

When examined, untrue messages have often been programmed by others, either directly or indirectly as implied messages. If the person in question tells their self an untrue message, they must believe it to be true at some level. 

This is usually because it would have originated from other people’s messages or implied messages, which would then leave the person believing the message to be true. When repeated continuously the message is also believed. This is because:- 

  • If the message was given when the person was younger, then children are more likely to believe what they were told by others who they think know better than they do.
  • Any message that is repeated often enough will be believed. The subconscious obeys everything it hears whether it is true or untrue, real or imagined. The message through constant programming, forms new neural pathways in the brain and the person starts acting upon the believed message. 

If the fear is true because it is the result of a consequence to an action, then a pro-active solution must be put into action. 

The person needs to ‘Self Talk’ and remind themselves they have the ability to overcome their problem or find support from someone who will help them.



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