How To Promote Vitali-Chi - Save and Earn Yourself - Save Others

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Then follow all or some of the 30 ideas to help get you started....

You can promote some or all of the range.. there's plenty to choose from....

The key to creating an abundance of content and driving traffic to affiliate links is to stay fresh and relevant with your audience. Variety is key. It just takes a little creativity. This list of 30 ideas can help you get started (don't forget to include details of buyer discounts).

1. Write a review. Include a summary as well as honest pros and cons about the product.

2. Interview someone who has used the product. Have them talk about why they bought the product, what problem it solved, and how they’re doing now?

3. Create a” how to use the product” article series. Show people through a how to series, why the product solves their problem and how to use the product effectively.

4. Create a how to use the product video. Publish a how to video on YouTube. Share it on your blog and social media to get more coverage.

5. Write a tips list – people love tips lists. Share a list of tips to use the product or tips to solve their problem. For example, 10 tips to look younger. One of the tips might be to use the product you’re promoting, such as our fabulous anti-aging face cream

6. Create an infographic. Create a visual representation of product benefits and show prospects why the product is effective.

7. Create a comparison chart. Highlight your product alongside similar, but inferior, products.

8. Show yourself using the product in a photo, share it on your blog. Build trust and credibility with your audience.

9. Interview us, the seller. Talk to the seller and record the interview. Publish the audio and the transcript.

10. Create a webinar. Discuss the problems the product solves.

11. Write a short report. Focus on a problem that you’re solving, for example, getting rid of acne. Then lead the reader to the solution; the product you’re promoting.

12. Create an e-course around the product, deliver it via email

13. Host a product giveaway

14. Write a comparison post comparing the product you’re promoting with another similar product. Be honest.

15. Create a post when product adds a new feature. Talk about the feature and how it adds value.

16. Write a question and answer blog post. Highlight the most common questions people have when trying to solve their problem (the problem that the product solves).

17. Write a post on why you switched from product A to product B (the product you’re promoting)

18. Create a resource page

19. Write a question and answer blog post. Highlight the most common questions people have when using the product.

20. Create list post and include the product

21. Send an email to your list with a special promotion and highlight a coupon or bonus offer.

22. Podcast. Talk about the benefits, tips, or best practices for the product

23. Identify a single benefit or problem that prospects have and write a blog post about solving that problem.

24. Create an email series. Talk about the different benefits the product provides. Start by highlighting the big problem your reader is facing.

25. Seasonal content. Write content that is timely and relevant to your audience. For example, gift ideas during the Christmas holiday or Resolutions during the New Year’s holiday

26. Pinterest. Share images of people using the product

27. Instagram. Create a quick video or image highlighting a product benefit

28. Guest blog. Talk about a problem the product solves on a relevant but not competitive blog.

29. Hold a contest. For example, ask people to send in videos of themselves using the product. Best/most creative video wins.

30. Next steps. Write about what to do after you’ve purchased the product. How can you make the most of it? As you start working your way through this ideas list, you’ll undoubtedly come up with new ideas. Write them down, add them to the list. Each time you find a new product to promote, you can make sure you keep your content fresh and relevant to your readers.

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