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It absolutely works!

Hi there
It absolutely works!
It is an innovative and amazing product.
I only wish it were around, or that I had discovered it many years earlier.
What a life-changing support system.
Very. Well. Done.
Kudos X

Kind regards

Sophia M. LL.B (Hons)

I found it helpful

I found it helpful for my chest I have copd and noticed a change after using it for about a week.I’ll be ordering again cheers

Amazing healing

Crystal Clear patch cleared my horrendous lingering COVID symptoms almost immediately. Absolutely blown away!

Jill has been my threapist for 3 years now and I can't thank her enough for turning my life around. I was dealing with depression and anxiety for years and after going to sessions with Jill every month. I feel more confident in my daily life. She has been a great teacher and recommend her greatly.

Absolutely love it

I actually use it as my hand cream soaks I’m lovely and wonderful smell.

Sessions with Jill Jesson

I have had very important and useful communications with Jill Jesson and she has pointed me in the right directions to allay some of my concerns surrounding my mental health and associated legal and medical issues. I have one more Session booked where some outstanding clarifications will be forthcoming hopefully.

Works Wonders

having tried one or two of the Vitali-Chi sprays, notably the sleep spray – which works wonders, I was interested in testing out some of the other products. There isn’t one I would not recommend, and I now use many throughout my day or week. This is how I tend to use them, and they really do work….my partner put water in some empty bottles with lablels on (without me knowing) to see if I noticed the difference, and I did!!!

This is how I tend to use them, though I would recommend trusting your instincts too as to what you need at any given time:

Morning – positive attitude, vibrancy, personal power

Before work – creative force, super balance, crystal clear

Before meditation or relaxing – super calm, advanced soul, Super aura and chakra repair, super psychic, meditation

Before bed – sleep, super calm

When struggling with losing father – trauma- eze,

During stressful situation – Stress buster, crystal clear

Am going through menopause so if having a bad day or week – meno-eze

When tired and need to work or do something – super pick me up,

When needing to clear a bad smell or wanting to refresh room – peppermint

I also use the patches, wearing behind the ears, and these are also great. Currently wearing super brain as have to work on a lot of projects currently, and certainly feel a bit more focused, and able to come up with some great ideas, than I usually would. I’ve used most, and recommend.

Not sure what else to say, except you won’t know until you’ve tried. Maybe if you are thinking about using them, reflect on what are the issues which are most pressing you right now, and just order a bundle to see if that helps…nothing ventured, nothing gained. And yes, although pricey for some, I do think they are good value for money.’


I use super psychic frequently and find it best quality works

Excellent value

Excellent value with offer codes and swift despatch make Vitali-Chi my best supplier.

Michael Lewis

Don't change a thing

The only thing I find difficult is ordering the humidifier with the free oils. I have done it about four times and have got it wrong each time. Other than that, don't change a thing. Oh I thought the bigger sample was good. Perhaps a fewer, but larger samples. Your service is great. I am grateful to Dawn for introducing me many years ago.
Eileen French

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I amazed how good they are

I have been buying your products for a while now I amazed how good they are They literally have change my life I am 76 in March and have had asthma all my life and used inhalers and struggled with my breathing and continual cough and since using Immune defence I haven’t used my inhalers or coughed also my mobility is very poor and I have steroid injections in my knees. Since using super eze my mobility is a lot easier. I have recommended to my daughter who have already ordered and using and lots of my friends. So I just want to say a big thank you for your wonderful products and service 👏
Brenda Elson x

Super Relaxing Bath Salts

Having a bath feels a real treat with these Super-Eze bath salts. A little goes a long way. The lavender smell is beautiful, without being overpowering. It doesn't take long to feel how soft your skin feels. You instantly feel yourself relaxing, like every cell in your body is letting go, soothing away aches and pains. These are a firm favourite product of mine.

I Am Amazed

Over the weekend I have had a diverticulitis flare-up. Considering I have been hospitalised 3 times because of this disease & have had numerous doses of antibiotics, I am amazed that it is Tuesday and I am feeling much better. No antibiotics, no 3 day water only diet but used Super-Eze Gel on my tummy. Lots of possibilities of course, maybe I caught it earlier etc. However, I do know the gel eased the pain. So it is a big Thank You from me. I am not 100% yet, but once I get more food into me all will be well. Must now rub more gel into my knees. Lol.

The samples are wonderful.

Love the Aura and room spray.

After being unwell with a respiratory infection on and off for six weeks, I resorted to the immune defence gel! After 48 hours I couldn’t believe the results, my chest was almost clear and I was feeling 80-90% better! I would highly recommend this product


I have to share this with you
For 2years I’ve been in agony every morning having to use a stick to get out of bed and down the stairs (sciatica )
This morning there was NO PAIN AT ALL NONE im absolutely lost for words
I just can’t beleive it .
Since I’ve been using your treatment I have felt better and better every day the pain has got less and less
And today no pain

How To Heal
Vanessa Scola
Products are really wonderful quality.

Dear Allen

Products are really wonderful quality.

Service is excellent and so quick. Always arrive the following day.
Aroma frequencies are so well mixed and created with so many different health benefits and smell really good.

I love (Super) Pick me up in particular.

Website it fine but I do have issues placing orders using my phone when trying to order. Not sure why.

Love the fact you recycle and give me £10.00 off as I am still working very few hours currently until it picks up again.

Your prices are very good and such value for money.

I love the hand and body cream, it smells beautiful.

I love the samples you send with the orders. They are a little treat I use when I feel the need to have something lovely.

Still love your products!

Hi Allen

Still love your products! Super eze, super calm and immune defence are still my go to’s. My Delux aroma defuser (silver base) has not kept as well as my first but I liked the look of it better (it may have been me, I think it got knocked over and water seeped out, as the silver has gone patchy - I’m not worried, as it still works). I like to buy in bulk so I have a nice stock, which I have.

I’ve just taken a look at the new website, it looks great! You offer great little incentives. Your service is always prompt. I still love your hand sanitiser, doesn’t dry my hands out. I don’t use it all the time, but do like to have it in my bag if I need it. I must do a review for it! Sorry!

Thank you.


How To Heal
Eileen French
Really happy

I am really happy with the service you provide. Having bought a number of humidifiers from and had them hand delivered, I am very impressed. Your products are not cheap but they do work, so I feel they are value for money. The Company is accessible, with real people. All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I would like to know, however, if you still wish to have the bottles returned and provide a credit against them? As a very mature person, I sometimes find the technology a bit confusing but you have always shown patience and understanding with me. So from me, it is a big Thank You and please, stay as you are. I suspect you won't but I will do my best to adapt.
Eileen French, CO2 8RS

I tried the sample of this product and couldn’t believe how well it worked for my breathing and dry throat so I have ordered the large tub thank you vitali -chi for this wonderful product


These products are great really work better than any other products on the market. The service from vitali-chi is first class which is an extra bonus

Good title

I used this all through the pandemic and am the only person I know who has not had covid. People I worked very close with contracted it, including my husband, but so far I have managed to stay clear. I use it every morning. Love both the feel and the smell.

How To Heal
Mary Laing
Great service with speedy delivery

Great service with speedy delivery, love the attention to detail with the bonus gifts you include, the way they are packaged and presented makes them ideal for me to carry around in my day bag.

Warmest wishes


It was worth EVERY penny

Hi Jill and Allen. I am more than happy with the Vitali chi service , your responses are quick and l found Jill very very friendly and easy to talk to. I bought the Vitali chi system and it has turned my life around. I have improved in all areas and l love using it. I wish l had taken before and after photos of my face to show the difference, one side was slightly lop sided but now it's evened out.
One thing is, I do wish that there was a booklet or leaflet with all the steps and info about the Vitali Chi inside the box. I am dyslexic and have word blindness so having a hard copy would enable me to re-read the info frequently, Trying to find the email online is impossible for me. All in all l would recommend ,it was worth EVERY penny.
Thank you