Bloggers and Influencers Wanted

We have a popular and attractive affiliate program and would like to work with bloggers and influencers the world over. We can collaborate in a number of ways and we've included a few examples below. Please get in touch to discuss ideas, we are open to suggestions...for example, you can:

Create your own product review blog posts:

Use our content (yes we'll write your posts) on your blog:

The Secrets To A Good Nights Sleep - Aimee Victoria Long

Create unboxing videos:

So many cute samples and full sized products!! #skincare #unboxing #wellbeing (

Use one of our videos (or have us make one for you):

(1) Breaking News From Mersea Island re Vitali-Chi's Anti-Ageing Face Cream - YouTube 

Post your content on OUR blog:

How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable? – Vitali-Chi - Here To Heal

and so much more....please get in touch to discuss ideas...




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