Jill Jesson Available For Online Therapy

I have been a practising therapist for 32 years and use accelerated methods to bring about change which can improve all aspects of your life. Believe me! You are not alone. I really can help YOU. I am available for online health, wellbeing and relationship therapy as soon as you like (subject to availability).

Let me introduce myself over a free 15 minute phone or video call with no further obligation. You can ask any questions and decide within those 15 minutes whether I am 'right' for you. If you want to proceed, then we will arrange a suitable appointment time.

Pricing is £60 per hour, including VAT. I will give you a rough estimate of how long and how many sessions you are likely to need. What is important to me is that I solve your problem(s).

Hopefully we can work together to achieve a healthier and  brighter future for you and those around you. To get started, please contact me.

Best wishes Jill Jesson

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