Pregnancy Gift Set - To Assist Throughout Pregnancy (Save £25)

£84 £109

The perfect combination to help before the new arrival. Superb package includes:

DERMA SOOTHE HAND & BODY WASH+ Unfragranced and chemical free, suitable during pregnancy,  for sensitive, young or distressed skin exposed to chronic stress, chemical overload, radiation, allergens and a harsh environment which may cause prickly heat, skin rash, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Gentle, natural palm-free, organic liquid soap made from coconut and sunflower soaps. 250ml

VGENERÉ BODY CREAM+ This is the perfect body cream for dry skin. Suitable for poor skin tone, pigmentation, broken capillaries, veins and dry, mature or ageing skin. Luxurious, anti-oxidant vitamin rich skin repair with oils of grapeseed, peach, wheatgerm, pure Vitamin E, shea, jojoba and hydrating aloe vera. Improves skin elasticity and assists cell regeneration and repair. Feeds and nourishes the skin. Good for sunburn and sensitive skin too. Unfragranced and chemical free, suitable during pregnancy. 200ml

SUPER BALANCE WELLBEING SPRITZER+ Replenishes lost energy and nutrients that cause poor bone strength, nerve, brain, memory, heart, cholesterol plaque, low immune function, poor regulation of hormones, PMS, cyclical symptoms, under or overactive thyroid, prostate, sexual dysfunction and low libido. 50ml

SUPER CALM AROMAFREQUENCIES+ Helps create calm made by anger, agitation, restlessness, hyper-activity, fears, phobias, panic, inner hysteria, anxiousness and frayed nerves. Contains natural vibrational healing properties, Lavender & Neroli Essential Oils. 10ml - Use in aromadiffuser during pregnancy.

SUPER PICK-ME-UP WELLBEING PATCHES+ Eases feelings of being unable to cope that may cause depression. Uplifts the mind. Supports personal power to overcome difficulties. Helps detox the mind of extreme negative thinking that may create intrusive thoughts.

VGENERÉ BODY OIL+ This is the perfect body oil for dry skin. Suitable for poor skin tone, stretch marks, scars, deep bruising, damaged and dry, mature or ageing skin, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Ultra skin repair made with antioxidant vitamin rich oils of grapeseed, peach, wheatgerm, pure Vitamin E, shea and jojoba. Improves skin suppleness and elasticity, assists cell regeneration and leaves the skin feeling nourished, silky and smooth. 150ml

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