Vitali-Chi Positive Attitude and Immune Defense Aura & Room Spray Bundle - with Bergamot and Tangerine, Teatree Lemon, Lemongrass Pure Essential Oils

£23.99 £30
  • Superb Aura Sprays - Positive Attitude Aura Spray helps to release pessimistic, negative thoughts and feelings. Immune Defense Spray that helps cleanse and purify the aura and atmosphere.
  • Vitali-Chi Aura Sprays + Room Conditioners contain multiple bioresonance frequencies.
  • Buying in bundles give you significant savings, even MORE if you buy more than 1 bundle (or another product from the Vitali-Chi range).
  • Not tested on animals. Hypoallergenic. Vegan friendly. Paraben free.
  • Available in 2 x 50ml blue glass bottles. Can be sprayed around the aura or in any room.

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