Level 1 - Online Workshop, Stages 1 + 2 + Starter, Wellbeing + Chakra Balancing Packages

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This  is a significant course that describes the Human Energy System,  including all about auras, chakras and meridians, but then leading into  the more 'scientific' realm of peptides and photons (and so much more). 


It  also explores how Vitali-Chi taps into that energy system and just what  makes Vitali-Chi so effective in the treatment of clients. 


By  the time you reach stage 2, your excitement should be starting to  build. Your physical delivery will already be on it's way, complete with  products and marketing materials. You will have also received your 'how  to' manuals, which contain step by step guides.


If  that wasn't enough, the  stage 2 course also includes exclusive videos  (not available anywhere else) and they are complete with very valuable  and practical tips.


At  the end of Stage 2, you will be a Qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioner -  Level 1 and you will be also armed with the knowledge and strategies to  enable you to market your new found knowledge and services (including our 16 exclusive guided visualisations).


You will also have saved £50 by buying the three packages together.