Level 2 - Physical Workshop, 2 Days - 60 Frequencies, Chakra Balancing and Ambassador & Party Plan Packages (EARLY BIRD)

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An Intensive 2 Days:

By the end of the course you will: 

  • Appreciate how disease is  created 
  • Understand the process of  cell degeneration to regeneration  
  • Have a deeper understanding of how to release and heal cellular memory 
  • Understand the significance  of Bio Photons, brain waves, square and sine waves, sources of toxic  disturbance, hormones, epigenetics, food allergy, intolerance and  sensitivity 
  • Understand the mind and emotions, unmet needs, stress, diet, water, exercise, breathing, ions and sleep in relation to healing 
  • Appreciate the importance of vibrational healing with the use of vibrational frequencies  
  • Appreciate the body’s energy  system and how it works 
  • Appreciate the systems of the body and how they work 
  • Have an understanding of the  direction of cure and emotional detoxification
  • Understand the science behind Vitali-Chi 
  • Understand how to use Vitali-Chi in clinical practice 
  • Be able to use Vitali-Chi and vibrational frequencies on family and friends 
  • Be able to use Vitali-Chi  and vibrational frequencies on clients, subject to obtaining Level 2 Certification and Practitioner Insurance (after completion of case  studies, testimonials and multiple choice questions). 
  • Receive 60 frequencies to assist treating common maladies and emotions – Value £480.00
  • Receive the Chakra Balancing Package (with training) – Value £495.00
  • Receive an Ambassador &  Party Plan Package FREE – Value £99.50