Salon Starter Package

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Perfect training for your salon. This will open a whole new set of treatment options for your clients, creating a unique opportunity for you to expand your offering. From Wellbeing to Skin Care to Massage and beyond, you will have it covered.


Subject to location, we will train your staff in your premises. At the end you will be able to offer Vitali-Chi treatments and products to your clients.


This  is a significant course that describes the Human Energy System,  including all about auras, chakras and meridians, but then leading into  the more 'scientific' realm of peptides and photons (and so much more). 


It  also explores how Vitali-Chi taps into that energy system and just what  makes Vitali-Chi so effective in the treatment of clients. 


Your training comes complete with  products and marketing materials. You will also receive your 'how  to' manuals, which contain step by step guides.


At  the end of the training, you will be a Qualified Vitali-Chi Salon and you will be also armed with the knowledge and strategies to  enable you to market your new found knowledge and services.


The Salon Starter Package must be purchased with at least one of the following packages......(more information here):