Awakening psychic sensitivity?

VITALI-CHI awakens psychic sensitivity. Sensitivity to the etheric dimension can be developed when we emotionally interact with others and the environment; this helps us to become sensitive to energy. Negative emotions disturb the energy body. Positive emotions radiate a healthy vibration which radiates good health. A clear aura awakens our extra sensory perception, telepathic communication and clairvoyance.

At first you may notice feeling alert and clear and as you open you may become aware of energies in nature and in your relationships. A heightening of the senses increases whilst experiencing VITALI-CHI because:

  • You become relaxed so you are more receptive
  • Heightened emotion gets released so it is not in the way of you receiving
  • The copper wires act like an antennae for receiving energy

This can only continue after the use of VITALI-CHI if you remain relaxed and learn to dissociate a busy mind. The aura can remain clear of negative emotions if you work with your new heightened awareness by responding differently and hence not storing new negativity.

What you may see or feel?

  • Within 0 - 10 minutes, a swirling of the energy field. There may be intensified feelings of imbalances in the energy field.
  • Within 10 - 20 minutes, a polarising of the energy field, notably from the base of the spine - negative, to the top of the spine - positive. This is where the electrons/energies flow from.
  • 20 minutes plus, a power surge. Intense disturbed energies disappear and the energy field evens out

What about out of body experiences and chanelling?

The deeply relaxed intelligent trance state promoted by VITALI-CHI is very similar to trance states that are used in entering into super-ordinary experiences. A deeply relaxed state is required where the body is asleep and the mind is awake, VITALI-CHI produces such a state. Yoga literature describes the tandra and nidra state as sleep-like trance states that can be used in the development of unusual mystical experiences. VITALI-CHI can even help to facilitate astral travel. Trance channelling is facilitated by VITALI-CHI because it induces the deep state necessary.

Becoming aware that you are energy is very liberating. VITALI-CHI helps you to let go of and surrender to the relaxed movement and flow of energy instead of relating to the physical plane of effort, power and survival. We experience pleasure when feeling flows without obstruction, not when we feel the limitations that physical existence imposes. So by becoming aware of limiting thoughts and limitations it helps us to balance our lives effectively.

VITALI-CHI is like a biofeedback mechanism. It helps us to transcend negativity and in doing so live in a state of fullness of energy without tension. It enables us to increase sensitivity, vitality and balance.

(This is an excerpt from The Vitali-Chi Advanced Practitioner Course, which utilises Vitali-Chi Boost, the revolutionary healthcare system)


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