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After being unwell with a respiratory infection on and off for six weeks, I resorted to the immune defence gel! After 48 hours I couldn’t believe the results, my chest was almost clear and I was feeling 80-90% better! I would highly recommend this product


I have to share this with you
For 2years I’ve been in agony every morning having to use a stick to get out of bed and down the stairs (sciatica )
This morning there was NO PAIN AT ALL NONE im absolutely lost for words
I just can’t beleive it .
Since I’ve been using your treatment I have felt better and better every day the pain has got less and less
And today no pain

How To Heal
Vanessa Scola
Products are really wonderful quality.

Dear Allen

Products are really wonderful quality.

Service is excellent and so quick. Always arrive the following day.
Aroma frequencies are so well mixed and created with so many different health benefits and smell really good.

I love (Super) Pick me up in particular.

Website it fine but I do have issues placing orders using my phone when trying to order. Not sure why.

Love the fact you recycle and give me £10.00 off as I am still working very few hours currently until it picks up again.

Your prices are very good and such value for money.

I love the hand and body cream, it smells beautiful.

I love the samples you send with the orders. They are a little treat I use when I feel the need to have something lovely.

Still love your products!

Hi Allen

Still love your products! Super eze, super calm and immune defence are still my go to’s. My Delux aroma defuser (silver base) has not kept as well as my first but I liked the look of it better (it may have been me, I think it got knocked over and water seeped out, as the silver has gone patchy - I’m not worried, as it still works). I like to buy in bulk so I have a nice stock, which I have.

I’ve just taken a look at the new website, it looks great! You offer great little incentives. Your service is always prompt. I still love your hand sanitiser, doesn’t dry my hands out. I don’t use it all the time, but do like to have it in my bag if I need it. I must do a review for it! Sorry!

Thank you.


How To Heal
Eileen French
Really happy

I am really happy with the service you provide. Having bought a number of humidifiers from and had them hand delivered, I am very impressed. Your products are not cheap but they do work, so I feel they are value for money. The Company is accessible, with real people. All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I would like to know, however, if you still wish to have the bottles returned and provide a credit against them? As a very mature person, I sometimes find the technology a bit confusing but you have always shown patience and understanding with me. So from me, it is a big Thank You and please, stay as you are. I suspect you won't but I will do my best to adapt.
Eileen French, CO2 8RS

I tried the sample of this product and couldn’t believe how well it worked for my breathing and dry throat so I have ordered the large tub thank you vitali -chi for this wonderful product


These products are great really work better than any other products on the market. The service from vitali-chi is first class which is an extra bonus

Good title

I used this all through the pandemic and am the only person I know who has not had covid. People I worked very close with contracted it, including my husband, but so far I have managed to stay clear. I use it every morning. Love both the feel and the smell.

How To Heal
Mary Laing
Great service with speedy delivery

Great service with speedy delivery, love the attention to detail with the bonus gifts you include, the way they are packaged and presented makes them ideal for me to carry around in my day bag.

Warmest wishes


It was worth EVERY penny

Hi Jill and Allen. I am more than happy with the Vitali chi service , your responses are quick and l found Jill very very friendly and easy to talk to. I bought the Vitali chi system and it has turned my life around. I have improved in all areas and l love using it. I wish l had taken before and after photos of my face to show the difference, one side was slightly lop sided but now it's evened out.
One thing is, I do wish that there was a booklet or leaflet with all the steps and info about the Vitali Chi inside the box. I am dyslexic and have word blindness so having a hard copy would enable me to re-read the info frequently, Trying to find the email online is impossible for me. All in all l would recommend ,it was worth EVERY penny.
Thank you




Such a great aroma frequency.

Hi Allen,
Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing service I received my sprays today and love them.
Maxine told me about you, I will definitely be purchasing from you again.
Thank you again
Take care

Wonderful aroma, very relaxing.

Wonderful smell and it lifted my mood.
Such a great and helpful product.

It has the most amazing scent, it is so beautifully made to help in stressful times.

Wonderful fragrance, works so well.

I love them all and it is so good to get so many samples of your wonderful products.

Sample Pots 3 * 2ml
Caroline M.

I love the vitali-chi room/aura sprays. The Positive Attitude is one of my favourites, the spray smells gorgeous and the scent is so uplifting. I bought this spray for a friend who is going through a rough time.

I had a wonderful time on this retreat. A peaceful location overlooking the Blackwater estuary. Allen and Jill make everyone feel very welcome. A real home from home atmosphere with comfortable accomodation. Yoga with Gerry was relaxing and fun. Healing meditations with Jill were relaxing. Plenty of interesting activities to try out if you want to, and the home cooked food was just amazing. I can highly recommend it!

These are the 2 people, Allen and Jill who worked so very hard to give us the very best Yoga and Meditation Retreat anyone could hope for!
The food we enjoyed was healthy, wholesome and very filling and cooked beautifully by Allen. Using the Chakras as a framework, Jill tirelessly organised lots of opportunities for outside Yoga each followed by her expert guided meditations and also gave us opportunities to discuss aspects of chakras as we travelled from base to crown. Gerry, the Yoga teacher, was a joy and carefully tailored her sessions to meet the needs of everyone as well as adding her cooking expertise in the kitchen. We really appreciated Glyn the expert birder as well as the opportunity to swim in the nearby river where incidentally the ship, Radio Caroline, could be seen patrolling up and down.
Well done to Allen and Jill for their kindness and attention to detail and for making everyone relaxed and at ease. Lynne and Gary Shrubb xx

Hi Allen and Jill,

I really enjoyed the retreat, thank you for providing such rich and good quality content, in both the actual content but also the amazing food. Yes I do have a few comments but they are given without criticism and only with the intention of how to enhance what is already a great package.

The rooms

As mentioned before, my room was pleasant but (suggestions passed to owners).

Re the actual course

You fed us well, which was amazing!! You probably tried a little too hard with the amount of content provided as whilst it was all extremely interesting and beneficial, we didn't have much time to absorb it (digest it in a way).

A bit more free time/down time would have been good, but again, I appreciate all you did and that it was done with the best intentions.

I think it would be good on the first day to have a proper round of introductions, we didn't really do this and whilst I appreciate it can take time, it's quite helpful to do this as gives a sense of where people are in their journey and also literally where they have travelled from. For example, I didn't find out until we'd left that someone lived in the town where my mother lives and it would have been nice to have had a bit of a chat as we would have had that in common.

Also the closing on the last day - it did feel a bit rushed at the end. Again I know you were trying to give us good content, but feel it is quite important to round things up and give people a chance to give a bit of feedback, say their goodbyes and close down properly.

I loved all the food and the learning about it and have already put into practice a few things such as the energy balls and tried to do some juices (with my blender), but you guys must have been exhausted and on the go all the time to get it all done.

So overall I really got a lot out of this break but would emphasise the importance of beginnings and endings/rounding up and having time to absorb what we did, perhaps not possible to give quite so much in one go but appreciated everything and want to thank you so much for your generosity.

Many thanks,

Best wishes to you both

(Note from Allen; We too felt the time pressure so next year we will be extending the arrival day to accommodate ALL of your excellent suggestions. Thanks again. Allen)

Dear Allen & Jill,

Thank you for your email.

No complaints from me. I had a really wonderful time. The weather was kind to us too!

I was in Room 10 which was a really lovely room. (Some issues reported to owner).

Opportunity for improvement - can't think of anything major, it would be nice to have a massage option. Also Allen, I didn't realise you were an expert forager, so a foraging activity would have been brilliant.

I have attached some photo's. I hope they are okay. I thought I had taken more to be honest

Thank you all so much for all the hard work you all put in to make it such a special experience. I really hope to be able to come again. A really lovely group of people too, never been on a retreat before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

My very best regards,

Dear Allen & Jill

Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful & extremely informative Retreat.
Apologies I had to rush off early my Husband & myself we’re booked for a surprise Anniversary weekend in Glastonbury. (Typical all good things comes like buses🚌 🤣)
I really appreciated all your efforts as I know how tiring it can be as I run Spiritual retreats myself.
The food was Sensational /fantastic Company & Gorgeous gentle Yoga by the lovely Jerry.

Enjoy your rest!

Kindest regards
Georgie 💖Xx

Wonderful moisturiser. Seems to last quite a long time. Feels very nourishing.