Eat More Porridge


Welcome and again, we are sticking with health and diet. Here's today's secret:

***Eat More Porridge***

This one is fairly simple. Eat more porridge. It's not a new secret either as humankind has been cultivating and eating oats since the Bronze Age. Why eat porridge? It's fairly simple really:

* It's a cheap nutritious breakfast.

* Oats contain more soluble fibre than any other grain, resulting in slower digestion and an extended sensation of fullness.

* It is low glycemic, slowly releasing the available sugars into your bloodstream, thereby giving you energy for longer (with no need for mid morning snacks)

* It's a great bowel cleanser.

* Oat bran is the outer casing of the oat. Its consumption is believed to lower LDL  ("bad") cholesterol, and possibly to reduce the risk of heart disease.

On a winter's morning, a bowl of steaming porridge really is a great start to the day. I simply make mine with water and then add a spoonful of honey once it's in the bowl. I normally add a handful of almonds too (helps to beat the winter blues). Tinned prunes are also good.

By the way, we use jumbo rolled oats. Beware of over processed oats such as a well known brand I am not ready to break cover over.

In the summertime, my wife makes a fruit crumble, (the crumble is made with stewed fruit, olive oil, oats, honey and mixed spice) and we have that cold with a dollop of yoghurt in the morning. Delicious!

If anyone is interested in the recipe please let me know and I'll send it straight away (please see PS) So, there you go. This is a 'secret' that goes back thousands of years and by the looks of the cereal shelves in the supermarket it is one that has been forgotten (but hopefully, not by you). Enjoy!

I'll have more for you in the next secret. Until then,
All the very best,

Allen Jesson
Energy For Life

PS You asked for it, here it is:

Ok, here goes:

Mix a couple of cups of oats with some olive oil. Mix well to ensure evenly coated. Add some honey and some mixed spice. Sprinkle a few nuts in there as well (optional and confusing if plums still have stones in them). Mix well. Next, in a shallow baking dish, pour some already stewed fruit, such as plums and some slices of peeled apples. Sprinkle with some molasses sugar, along with some dried mixed fruit (optional). Cover with the oats mixture. Bake in a hot oven for around an hour. Allow to cool. Serve the next morning with a dollop of natural yoghurt. Delicious!

Please let me know how you go. If you like, please add measurements
to this (if successful) and let me know. Thanks, Allen

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