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Not sure

No one has said i smell amazing sorry


My mother uses this on her swollen finger joint from arthritis and it has definitely reduced the pain and inflammation. She also rubs it into her bunions. Jury is still out on that one but I’m sure there will be an improvement.

Good product

Lovely smell. Would recommend.

Well woman gel

My wife ordered this and loves it, it really does work and it is now a favourite of hers. We live in Spain and the orders were shipped to me no problem at all. My wife has since ordered quite a few products from this range that she likes, super balance well-being spritzer,super calm well-being spritzer,super eze gel, VGenere hand & face cream. All these products are great and my wife would recommend these & any of the products from Vitali chi.

Luxurious feel and smells divine

This lovely spray has a beautiful scent and feels so lovey when sprayed in the room or over the head. Leaves a gorgeous cleansed and refreshed feeling too.

Peppermint oil spray smells delicious

I bought the oil essentially to keep spiders at bay. I don't know if it's a coincidence yet as I have only been using it for a couple of days but so far we haven't had any more spiders indoors. It does smell lovely though, and I was impressed by the speed the order was processed and delivered.

Enchantingly Blissful

I have been using VITALI-CHI BOOST for several months now and the difference in my mental health is considerably noticeable. But yesterday, for the first time, I incorporated the guided visualizations and it was MAGICAL. I found myself in a floating state of mind. I am currently suffering with jet-lag which doesn’t do much to help my anxiety. But after my treatment/session yesterday a whole weight had been lifted from my head. I instantly felt calm and back in control of me. And even now, 24 hours later, I can still picture my little dude sitting by his tree with his colored stones smiling at me and it fills me with happiness and strength. Thank you ♥️

Amazing products

I started off by buying the aura sprays as I use that a lot in the work that I do as a Doula and now I have tried a few creams, e.g. the moisturiser and the jojoba oil
They are wonderful value for money as they last a long time, and I will be ordering more As Time Goes By as I am completely taken in by the amazing service and care that I have been given.

I recommend anyone to buy all the products here as they are genuine and wonderful people to deal with.

Chakra Repair Spray

Don’t ask me how or why this product works. All I can say is it is amazing! I used it constantly in the midst of a toxic relationship and it enabled me to feel strong and able to leave with my own persona still intact. I am continuing to use it now during a time of acceptance and healing. I love this spray!

Mrs E Neumann

Have tried other makes of aura sprays...
no comparison to vitali-chi
Made with love is the secret ingredient I think

Jill has changed my life

Hello there. I am seeing Jill Jesson currently. I have been working with her weekly since September, 2022. But it’s almost time for me to try it alone ♥️. I am an over-thinker. I have relationship OCD. I am an over-giver. My parents weren’t available to me from the moment I was born therefore I don’t feel worthy of love. And therefore when people come into my life I have to seek an unhealthy amount of reassurance that they love me and will stay. Jill and I have done a lot of work on me being able to be peaceful in my relationship of 4 years. In the beginning I was in such a bad and lonely place that I decided I would do whatever this woman told me to do as she was recommended to me by someone I trust and have a lot of respect for. And it’s working. It’s not perfect. But I feel more in control of me and my thoughts than I ever have. I am learning to love and trust myself. And I’m learning to shut my mouth 😂😂

Eased my pain

I have used super eze gel on aches and pains and most recently arthritis on my feet and hands and it instantly makes it feel better. I recently hurt my back and using this my back felt better within a couple of days also on a shoulder injury. Use it often and it does work. Very happy with this product.

Silky smooth

I have used this face mask a few times and it is so lovely and light and smells lovely and not overpowering. I leave it on overnight. You don't even notice it and my skin feels so silky smooth in the morning. It lasts as you only need a small amount so is good value for money.


I have loved all the Vitali-Chi sprays that I have bought.
It's nice to have another one with a refreshing scent which kick starts your day.

Anti ageing cleanser and toner

Fantastic products, brilliant for gentle removal of make up and finish off with the toner from the anti ageing range. My skin feels and looks great. Highly recommend these products.

Great Product

Pleased so far though not just as good as advertised!

The serum is excellent for my rosacea !

Works lovely using it all the time
Smells great

Life saver

This get has given me a new lease of life. I’ve suffered with knee pain and arthritis for years Since using this gel I’m pain free and able to do the things I used to again It’s wonderful 👏

Excellent result!

I used this cream on the eczema on my ankle which had been bothering me for ages and it has completely cleared it . Very pleased with the result

It absolutely works!

Hi there
It absolutely works!
It is an innovative and amazing product.
I only wish it were around, or that I had discovered it many years earlier.
What a life-changing support system.
Very. Well. Done.
Kudos X

Kind regards

Sophia M. LL.B (Hons)

I found it helpful

I found it helpful for my chest I have copd and noticed a change after using it for about a week.I’ll be ordering again cheers

Amazing healing

Crystal Clear patch cleared my horrendous lingering COVID symptoms almost immediately. Absolutely blown away!

Jill has been my threapist for 3 years now and I can't thank her enough for turning my life around. I was dealing with depression and anxiety for years and after going to sessions with Jill every month. I feel more confident in my daily life. She has been a great teacher and recommend her greatly.

Absolutely love it

I actually use it as my hand cream soaks I’m lovely and wonderful smell.