A Few Of Our Favourite Things

There is a famous quote from a tobacco marketing executive, when asked which brand he smoked. He replied, nonchalantly; “No, I don’t smoke, I only sell the stuff”. Well, I am pleased to report that the directors of Vitali-Chi use their products on a regular basis and here are a few of my personal favourites:


Super-Eze Gel: This is the one that got me and my ‘dodgy’ knee through the many weeks of training and the London Marathon itself. It really is quite miraculous and as I am writing this I just remembered that I had an ache in my wrist at the weekend. It felt reasonably serious at the time, as my grip was weakened. However, I applied Super-Eze and lo and behold, the ache has now gone and my grip has been restored, so much so, I had genuinely forgot about the issue. So, if you have any aches or pains, especially in the joints or muscles, then I strongly recommend you give Super-Eze Gel a go.


Sleep-Ezy Pillow Spray: With my increasing age it appears that my bladder capacity is decreasing, especially when I have a cup of tea when watching the evening film. This is not really an issue but it does mean that some nights my sleep is interrupted mid-session for the inevitable trip to the loo. On occasions I then struggle to get back to sleep, especially if the dreaded alarm time is nearer than I’d like. That’s when I turn to Sleep-Ezy and with a few quick sprays on my pillow and around, I am quickly carried off into a field of lavender and chamomile. Again, highly recommended.

Immune Defense Fragranced Gel – Having just avoided the COVID scare it occurred to me that I hadn’t a cold or flu in years. Without claiming to cure, I do think that remarkable run is certainly helped by my pot of Immune Defense, which proudly sits on my desk at all times. Whenever I have a hint of a sniffle, I quickly slather some on. Does the job and one of the ingredients has been proven to be anti-viral, handy in these trickier times.


Hand + Foot Cream – Don’t tell anyone, but I use this as a face cream. We’ve always had a bit of Eczema in the family and this keeps mine at bay. Again, always on my desk, looking at it now. We actually designed this as a hand and foot cream to tackle dry or cracked skin, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, verrucae or chilblains. But we have found that is great for Eczema too. You will see almost immediate results because this is a powerful combination of anti-oxidant vitamin rich oils of sunflower, coconut, jojoba, almond, borage and pure Vitamin E together with highly emollient, moisture retaining urea. Additional Lemon and Sandalwood Amyris essential oils help to further reduce cell and tissue damage. 


AromaFrequencies – I am lucky to have access to our complete range so I get to choose on a regular basis which one goes in the diffuser. I also sometimes inhale directly from the bottle and that always has an immediate effect. Personal favourites are Crystal Clear, Positive Attitude and Vibrancy, to name but three (but I have others).



Aura Sprays – Same deal with the aura sprays, they can have an instant impact on your mood or the mood of a room. Super Aura and Chakra Repair resides on my desk so there’s the clue to favouritism.

But then again, I could have recommended Crystal Clear, which is normally the first one I demonstrate at the shows we do.

Super-Pick-Me-Up has been know to get me through the darker days of winter and Super Psychic and Advanced Soul for when I am in my 'spookier' moods. But I think I'll finish with Creative Force as that is the one that actually inspired me to write this article.

So, there you have it. Now you know. Hope that helps. Jill has her own list and we’ll share that in the weeks to come.

Until then, all the very best, Allen x

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