Become The Artist Within - One Of The 77 Secrets

Welcome again to the 77 Secrets. Here's today's secret:

***Become The Artist Within***

I think every child is born a natural artist. I am sure that as a kid you loved to paint. I bet you used to like writing stories or at least creating imaginary worlds that you'd often escape into. Yes? You're not alone.

There is great happiness to be found in art and creativity.

But sadly, as we grow older, many of us lose or forget about our
artistic tendencies and (often quite natural) talents. When you
think about it, it's fairly easy to do. Once we leave school the
focus becomes 'get a job' and 'make a living'. Everyone knows that there's no money in art (not always true but generally speaking, if we all became artists then there would be no one left to buy our art.  The other problem we have and it's the reason that Van Gogh died penniless, most art increases in value once the artist has left this mortal coil, so that's not much good if you need to make money TODAY).

True Story: I wrote poetry at school. It came easy to me. As the
class rebel it ruined my street cred but I enjoyed it. I then left school and never wrote another line for around 20 years. The fact that since then I've written over 250,000 of them is neither here or there. Just think of the lost lines that I never wrote! They will NEVER be written. Those 20 years are done and dusted. The hot, raw and excitable feelings I had at the time and could have used as inspiration have all but dulled into a forgotten crust. The ardour of the moment has cooled. They cannot be recreated. They are gone.

It's the same with all the paintings I never painted, the gardens I never planted, the songs I never sung. It's quite a big list. But as you know, if you've been paying attention to The 77 Secrets, there is no room in life for regrets, only action moving forward.

So, I am now speaking to you. No, not you. I am speaking to the
artist within you. Yes, you. I know you're there. Get out that pen, get out that brush, get out that guitar or whatever else it is that you do.

Then do it. Play, paint, sing, draw or write like there is no
tomorrow. For one day, there won't be.

I'll have more for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this secret,
please let me know. Just hit 'Reply' and it should find me.

All the very best,


Allen Jesson
Energy For Life

PS Mike Telesca, one of my subscribers, replied as follows:

Thanks Allen

I know exactly what you speak of.  I've tried to keep those creative juices flowing as well, through various outlets at various times.  I play electric bass, I write, and have just picked up the electric guitar again...

Still sometimes I get bogged down in those same negative feelings you mention.  Especially when I can allow my creative attentions to be divided three ways.  Sometimes I feel like I'm allowing different facets of creativity to run free.  Then sometimes I think perhaps I'm delaying progress in one area by distracting myself with efforts in another. Sometimes I feel like the moment has cooled too much; that the spark is
gone, the juices dissipated.  Especially with my writing.

But I try to keep positive and move on.  One of the benefits of playing music, live onstage, is the instant reaction one gets.  Not just the expected rush of approval and adulation from the audience, but the creative communication between the band members.  It's the way an improvisational passage comes across... each piece building on the others. Even when playing a song exactly as scripted, the silent acknowledgement from each other that the song is more than the individual's notes.

It's those moments that remind you that the flame still burns.. it's still there.  It's more like a living thing:  The more you let it out and see the light, breathe the air... get some exercise... the healthier and stronger it becomes.

Will it be the same as when you were younger?  No.  But if you'd kept exercising all those lost years, the artistic results would  still be different.  The artist, the creator is a different person.  Every artist, every person, has to grow and move on.

Which brings us back to today's secret.  Keep moving forward. Don't let regrets keep you from it.


Debbie also replied:

Hi Allen
I can relate to this secret.
I was never very good at being artistic at school, couldn't draw ( though i loved colouring )and wasn't very imaginative, didn't know where countries were etc. and i always regretted not paying attention and trying hard enough.
But like you i did like writing poems which i was good at but never continued due to life changes.
So a few years ago i bought a globe to study the world so am now more familiar where countries are.
I have learnt to draw...just basic things ie animals etc. as i now have grandchildren who are always asking me to draw certain things which i can  now do....without going on to Google to help !!!
And i now write poems again which i love doing and now have a nice collection. I also colour as have several adult colouring books which i find relaxing.
So it is never to late to learn.....and enjoy it too as i feel if you enjoy doing something it should be easy!!
Thankyou again for another great 'Secret'


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