Grow and Eat Your Own

Here's today's tip:

***Grow and Eat Your Own***

There's an old saying, I think it was a Chinese proverb. It goes
something like this:

If you want to be happy for 1 week, buy a new car.
If you want to be happy for 1 month, marry.
If you want to be happy for life, garden.

My wife has just clipped me around the ear but I know what that
wise old Chinese gentlemen was getting at. Especially when I think about vegetable gardening. In truth, any type of gardening is great fun and immensely satisfying. It's not only good for the soul it's also a great form of exercise. But growing your own to eat! For me, it takes the whole thing to another level. When you add the sheer joy of harvesting and eating something you have grown from seed, then you are well on your way to finding true happiness. It also doesn't matter what the size of your 'garden' is either. A packet of seeds grown in a window box will give you months of enjoyment and anticipation.

There are also a number of 'land share' schemes now available, along with the more traditional allotments making a well deserved comeback, so if you don't have any 'spare' land to dig for victory, there is someone nearby who has and will be willing to let you have a dig (for a share of the spoils).

By the way, please garden organically and don't spray with insecticides and the like, you will be destroying most of the benefits and a lot of your local ecosystem. When you look at 'growing your own' versus the current supermarket model, you can quickly see the cost, taste and environmental benefits:

1.Cost - Home grown is always cheaper, as long as you don't 'cost' your time (and why should you? You're having great fun doing it).

2.Taste - If you've ever eaten a home grown tomato then like me, you will never buy another supermarket 'tomato' again (and the quote marks are quite deliberate as they look like tomatoes but taste like nothing on Earth).

3.Environment - Potato from field TO packing plant TO local distribution centre TO supermarket shelf TO your car TO your home OR a walk to the bottom of your garden. You decide.

By the way, even if you can't grow your own, for whatever reason, find a neighbour or local grower and do a deal. You will still get most of the benefits outlined in 1 - 3 above.

I'll have more for you soon. I hope you enjoyed this secret, please let me know.

All the very best,

Allen Jesson
Energy For Life

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