Have You Signed Up For The 77 Secrets?

If not, you are certainly missing out. They are free with no further obligation. This is what loyal reader Debbie said when she had reached the end of the series:

Hi Allen
Sad the '77 Secrets' series has come to an end.
I have thoroughly enjoyed waking up to them each morning wondering what we were going to thinking about today!!
I appreciate all the time an effort that it has taken for you to put all this together.
They have been interesting, insightful, funny and each one has made me think about things i would never have thought about and also in a different way.
I have printed off most of them and have kept them in a folder to look back on and reflect and learn and just to enjoy reading them again...
I am happy to leave it as it is for now and to hear from you from time to time but equally a monthly membership sounds good but then it is taking up more of your time.
Thankyou again for sharing the series with me.
Wishing you all the best.
Ps i am loving the Vitali Chi range..ie creams, super-eze gel, room sprays etc.
Keep up the good work.

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