How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable?

The beauty industry is jam-packed with single-use plastics, a lot of packaging, harmful chemicals, and very toxic ingredients, all of which are very harmful to our Earth. Is your beauty routine really better for the environment? How can we choose that our beauty routines are being kind to the planet? Even though there are so many easy ways to make a sustainable difference in your regimen, there are some ways that you can make without compromise on results.


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Use Coral Reef Friendly Sunscreen:

Most of the sunscreens protect from sun exposure, and they have the opposite effect on marine life. This sunscreen causing coral bleaching, damage the DNA of coral, and prompting growth anomalies. 

Switch to Reusable Makeup Wipes:

Face wipes are best to remove the makeup very quickly and easily, but they are not good for our skin or the environment. This makeup wipes not only strip the skin of its natural oils and imbalance PH levels, but also, they are non-biodegradable and end up in landfills.

Shop Smarter:

By purchasing those beauty products with a longer shelf life and refillable options, you can eliminate the need for single-use plastics. There are so many beauty categories that have the possibility of reducing package waste.

Purchase Sustainable Packaging Products:

While we have become accustomed to reusable bags, it is time to buy this ethos into our sustainable beauty purchasing. Being more concerned about how our beauty products are packaged could have a great impact on the environment.

Supports Brands That Participate in Recycling Programs:

Just because you meditate on your go-to mascara tube, it doesn't mean that bit has to head straight into the litter. Whenever you buy any beauty product, get it from those brands actively participating in recycling programs like Vitali-Chi. Most of your favorite beauty brands will take back your empties and recycle them for you.

Vitali-Chi skin care Products:

Vitali-Chi wellbeing and skincare products are the best solutions to all these problems. These products are infused with natural healing properties that revitalize the energy. These Vitali-Chi skin products are made from flowers, herbs, essential oils, and Earth minerals.

The use of these skincare products sets the new Beauty trends. The experience of 30 years in Eastern and Western healing traditions provides unique blends. They have formulated a range of products that will help to look younger and feel healthier because they operate at a level that is more than just skin deep.

Here is the list of some of Vitali-chi skincare products. You can also purchase your favorite beauty products from Vitali-chi with the help of Beauty coupons. These beauty coupons provide you the best natural products along with great discounts.


It is the pillow spray that is made with lavender and chamomile pure essential oils. This spray provides a good night's sleep. It is a very great product, especially for those who work the night shift, and sometimes it is very difficult for them to fall asleep in the morning. This pillow spray provides a restful life easily.

Hand and Foot Cream:

This cream works great on eczema and dry, cracked heels. It is the perfect treatment for your cracked heels as well as any eczema. After using this hand and foot cream, you can notice after a day improvement within a few days, and it had completely clean. It is an amazing product and has a fresh spa aroma smell. This cream moisturizes your hands and foot. The frequent washing of hands makes them dull and dry, but this cream helps soothe them now after washing. 

Super Eze Bath Salt:

This salt is perfect for taking a bath. When you feel a bit low, under the weather, and exhausted or some achy, use this salt; honestly, you feel noticeably better as soon as you come out from the bath.

VGENERÉ Anti-Ageing Face Cream+:

This lightweight yet deeply nurturing skin cream adds so much more to your skin. It is originally used for the anti-aging variety for the night cream, but you can use it at night and daytime. This cream glides on and sinks rapidly, so light under the foundation. It is a world-class product at a very affordable price.

Immune Defense Gift Set:

It is best for any fungal infection. The immune defense tincture cleared fungal infection incredibly, where all the pharmaceutical products fail.

VGENERÉ anti-aging Face Mask+:

It is the best anti-aging face mask either you can leave it overnight or for a shorter period. Your skin soaks all the wonderful scented goodness up even in a very short time. 

VGENERÉ Eye Cream+:

It is one of the best eye creams you ever use. There is nothing better than this eye cream.

Immune Defense Hand Sanitizer:

At this time of paramedic, sanitizer is a must for all. But normal hand sanitizers have a strong smell of alcohol and also make the hands very dry. Immune defense Hand Sanitizer by Vitali-chi has a lovely smell, and hands are softer than ever. You can feel your hands much cleaner without the strong smell of alcohol.


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