How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

if you are 'stress free'; congratulations! If not, please read on, I know these tips will help:

Stress Management

This is a big one. Stress is literally a killer and can make life a misery. Use these stress management tips to get and stay on top of stress:

Stress Management Tip No. 1 - Two circles that could change your life !

These two circles certainly helped me sort my head out - I hope they work for you too.

Step 1. Firstly, find a quiet corner where you are not likely to be disturbed for about 30 minutes.

Step 2. Next, draw two circles, one inside the other, the larger circle should be the width of an A4 piece of paper, the smaller circle should be about half the size of the larger circle. Good, so now you should have two circles on your page, one inside the other which is about half the size of the larger one.

Step 3. Next, with a pencil, write down IN THE OUTER RING all the things that are causing you stress (THE CAUSES) ie too much work, not enough time etc., Think long and hard here and be open and honest - no one else will see this piece of paper (unless you want them to).

Step 4. Next, write down, on a separate piece of paper, the ACTIONS you need to take to reduce or eliminate the stress caused by each individual CAUSE. If the ACTION is within reach and you think that you can and will do it then move the CAUSE to your INNER CIRCLE, erasing it from the OUTER RING.

Step 5. You should now be left with three things: A list of stress CAUSES that you can do something about, they are in your INNER CIRCLE. A list of stress CAUSES that you CANNOT do one thing about, they are the ones left in the OUTER RING. A list of ACTIONS that you are going to take to reduce your stress levels.

Step 6. One of the most important steps. Complete your list of ACTIONS. If you cannot complete the ACTION for whatever reason then the CAUSE should be moved back to the OUTER RING.

Step 7. LISTEN BIG HERE. Stop worrying about any CAUSES left in your OUTER RING. You CANNOT do anything about them - so stop worrying - kick them out of your OUTER RING by either letting the issue go - or move it inside your INNER CIRCLE by doing something about it. 

Conclusion: To reduce the amount of stress don't let CAUSES get left in the OUTER RING - this is where stress is created.  Change It !

I appreciate that there may be some big decisions here....if you want more great tips, including step by step plans, then I highly recommend the following package:

Stress Management Tip No. 2 - Get Fitter !

Exercise daily. Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol. Drink lots of
water. Eat vegetarian.

Don't believe me? Try it for 2 weeks (you might be a little grumpy to start) and let me know how you went.

PS I don't follow this advice most of the time.........but I feel
very good when I do !

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