There are 7 major energy centres called chakras that assist the function and regulation of our energy system. All 7 are of equal importance and need to be fully functioning to enjoy complete health.

Chakra means ‘wheel or circle’ in Indian Sanskrit. Each are swirling pools of energy interpenetrating the physical body, in the same way that a magnetic field can interpenetrate the physical body. They are not physical but are aspects of consciousness. They interact with the physical body via the endocrine system and the nervous system.

Each chakra is controlled by a set of nerve plexuses or an endocrine gland responsible for creating hormones that either stimulate or inhibit physical processes. The endocrine system is part of the body’s main control mechanism. By adjusting the hormone levels, the endocrine system works to maintain the body in a state of optimum health. They take in vibrations, feelings and energies and purify and transform them. They process spiritual energy into usable energy for the physical body and change high fine vibrations to lower, thus slower vibrations that the physical body can use.

They are energy transmitters and receivers that help filter incoming and outgoing energy. They help process life experiences carried over from past traumatic experiences and unresolved pain. Imbalances are the result of these experiences which if left unprocessed can lead to illness and disease. Imbalances affect the associated endocrine gland which results in illness. Imbalances need to be corrected at the deepest level – the person needs to change the underlying pattern that caused the dysfunction of the chakra in the first place otherwise the chakra will go out of balance again. They are balanced by emotions as well as diet and exercise.

When open they operate in a normal fashion and work together if our instincts work with our thoughts and feelings - but some chakras are not open enough (underactive) and to compensate other chakras become (overactive) – hence the need to balance them. To rebalance the chakras - open underactive ones. The lower chakras are associated with instinctive and survival traits, the middle 6 chakras are associated with emotional wellbeing and the higher chakras are related to consciousness and higher intuition and greater spiritual insight. When all chakras are open and functioning fully:

• You enjoy each day, have a strong will to live and feel well grounded in the - you have strong physical energy and vitality – you feel secure, supported and safe

• You enjoy relating to people, have healthy boundaries and have a fulfilling sexual relationship – you are trusting and warm and your relationships reflect this – you appreciate sensuality

• You have a great sense of belonging and express your emotional life which creates mental satisfaction and fulfilment rather than worry - you have selfconfidence and good self-esteem and the personal power to not allow others to control you – you resolve your emotional issues including dissolving all of your fears and anxieties by trading negative with positive thoughts and actions

• You have unconditional love and a strong capacity for loving others - you feel connected to everyone and everything – your heart is open and forgiving – you are able to give and receive love

• You no longer blame others for your own difficulties in life - you have reached fulfilment in your professional life - you create what you want in your life and live your life with truth and integrity – you are proud of who you are, communicate clearly and speak your truth

• You are aware of universal truth - you understand where you fit into life’s plan and then carry out your work accordingly -you use your intuition wisely and see clearly – you have good mental focus and clarity from your increased heightened awareness – you don’t judge or discriminate – you see the bigger picture of a situation

• You have dropped your ego completely - you have a great sense of connection to ‘All-that-is’ and have a sense of peace and ‘At-Onement’ with others - you connect to your higher self to find answers and direction – you live a fun, happy, peaceful and fulfilling life

• You have a connection with the Universe, spirituality and consciousness. Your earthly personality has fused with all spiritual knowledge - you experience a state of bliss generally unknown to normal human experience and you know universal law without question or confusion - you have an ability to see positive or negative events as part of your journey in life

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