We have probably all experienced muscle cramps or sporting injuries at some time in our lives. Older women and men are also more prone to these problems and also pregnant women, but according to Orthopaedic Surgeons, legs act as a mirror into our health. Therefore, it is important not to ignore leg health problems because they might be giving you an indication of a bigger problem. Below are the leg health issues that might be signalling the existence of a more severe illness.

Swollen Legs - Swollen legs may be the result of standing for too long. However, they may also indicate that you have a more severe problem. If your legs start swelling for no reason they may be an indicator of kidney problems or venous insufficiency. If your kidney is not functioning as it should, it may cause oedema.

Pain - A lot of the times people buy over-the-counter painkillers and move on. However, pain in your legs can be a signal of severe health issues. Pain may be a sign of kidney problem, cardiac insufficiency, thrombosis, and atherosclerosis.

Numbness - Alcoholics may encounter this problem at some point in their lives. Non-alcoholics can also experience this issue depending on the blood circulation in their body. Diabetes, arthritis, and peripheral artery disease (PAD) may cause leg numbness.

Leg Discoloration - Leg discoloration may be a sign that you have skin cancer. Many doctors consider the feet a common indicator of skin cancer. Apart from cancer, this pigmentation may be a sign of Venous Insufficiency.

Itching - Itchiness is a leg health problem that can be frustrating. Athlete’s foot may cause the itchiness to your feet. According to doctors, many of the people in their 70s suffer from fungal toenails. This condition might be contagious if not treated.

Muscle Weakness - Illnesses such as atherosclerosis may rob the legs of enough blood. As a result, the leg muscles may end up being weak. The thyroid gland may also cause muscle weakness.

Change in Gait - Everybody has a particular walking style that makes them who they are. However, a change in walking style may be as a result of neurological issues.

Cold Feet - If blood is not flowing sufficiently in your legs, you are likely to experience cold feet. The thyroid gland may cause this issue.

Wounds that Won’t Heal - Our bodies are supposed to heal naturally due to cell regeneration. A leg wound that refuses to heal may be severe, a lot of the time, people suffering from diabetes experience this problem.



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