More Science Behind Vitali-Chi - The Body Repair System

Vitali-Chi Boost - The Body Repair System

Accelerated Method of Meditation

All the benefits of meditation but you reach theta brainwave effortlessly. Like meditation the more you use Vitali-Chi, the more you will remain in an alpha brainwave state the following day, which is alert but calm.

Emotional Release

  • Facilitates personal growth by aiding in the work of contacting and releasing hidden emotions, memories and patterns of bodily tension
  • Highly emotional charged memories surface and clear from the aura. As you clear the aura, intuition and psychic awareness can improve and now you can raise your consciousness easier with less obstruction and a new awareness to not suppress and store future emotions.  

Facilitates Learning

It is an invaluable tool to facilitate learning and personal change and can be used with visualisation and imagery work. It magnifies intentional reprogramming, as when you are deeply relaxed in theta the whole brain absorbs the material effortlessly.

Increased Immune System Response with Photonic Light

We have scientific evidence that Vitali-Chi Boost increases the cells energy and photonic light transmissions that surround the body’s cells. When the cells emit a strong bright light they can message each other correctly, and when the cells energy increases their susceptibility to disease is improved. This means that the Immune System and all the systems of the body can work more effectively.

Trials with a quantum physicist revealed that after just one hour of using Vitali-Chi Boost there was an increase in photonic light transmissions and a doubling of the person’s existing energy.

The diagnostic photon machine revealed how the energy from your fingertips is linked to the

the acupuncture channels that link to every organ of your body. We were able to see the reversal of the disease process taking place before our very eyes.


Copper is an excellent conductor of energy. It is also another medium used to transmit the frequencies. It can conduct electrical impulses (the energy coursing through the meridians) and can magnify the energy transfer from the frequencies to the body. Copper also has many other healing properties. It provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit thought. It activates and opens the base and sacral chakras, advancing and stabilising the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality, directing these energies toward the pursuit of one’s path of evolution.  


Frequency is the term used to explain the vibration of energy in all things. Everything we know and understand has a vibrational frequency measured in Hertz (Hz). Royal Rife, Paul Nogier and Jack Swartz were the original pioneers of frequency medicine. They dedicated their lives to discovering the frequencies that correspond to such things as diseases, bacteria, viruses and other disorders.

Royal Rife is considered to be the father of frequency medicine. He described frequency in diseased and healthy organs and established many frequencies for various diseases and disorders. Since his famous work in the 1930’s and 1940’s many other studies have been done on frequencies by various researchers, including the Federal Government. Jack Swartz, author of ‘Human Energy Systems’ and other books is another referenced expert in frequency medicine.

In diagnostic medicine, frequencies are well known: EKG’s for the heart, EEG’s for the brain, and MRI’s for injured cells. There are only a few cold lasers that are capable of utilising and emitting hundreds of specialised frequencies (from 1-40,000 Hz) as well as specific well documented healing wavelengths in the red and infrared spectrum. Frequencies help to activate the body’s innate cellular communication system and support positive immune, enzyme and endorphin responses.


Vitali-Chi Frequencies are natural vibrational healing properties that not only help you look younger but feel healthier too, because they work at a cellular level that is more than just skin deep. They assist root cause healing by conveying to the cell - ‘detox’, ‘revitalise’, ‘regenerate’ and help take out the stress that life has put in. They may be made from a combination of flowers, herbs, essential oils, earth minerals and distilled water. The infused vibrational healing properties help to revitalise your energy. These frequencies have been specifically created to re-message the cell with new patterns of behaviour and help release old patterns that have made the specific diseased state. Using the principle of the Five Elements, taken from the 5,000 year old theory from Chinese Medicine, whereby the energy from emotional states if left unprocessed result in physical disease.

All vibrational modalities activate information resident in the DNA and precipitate it into physical motion and chemical activity. This is done because the frequency contains mind, body, soul and spirit ingredients that convey this to the cell and when this happens the cell changes structure either by dispersing the message that was held in it or by offering a new message to it, such as feed me, regenerate me or revitalise me. Each organ system, while connected to the essential life force or chi of a person, is also a unique energy system, vibrating at a certain resonant frequency. An imbalance in the organ’s frequency represents a disturbance in its energy and slows the process of doing what it knows to do naturally – that is, to regenerate and renew itself. In order to stimulate regeneration, cells and organs need a specific input of energy of certain wave forms, which correlate to the weakened organ. They need the right amount of energy coupled with the right message. The ideal regenerative frequency is a booster shot of subtle energy, which imprints the proper energy pattern into the matrix of that organ system, producing a message which ultimately returns that organ system to its natural resonant frequency.

Molecules Communicate Effectively

Each molecule has its own signature frequency. A biochemical chain reaction occurs as one resonating frequency leads to another frequency with the next molecule. Thus, creating a cascade of electromagnetic impulses travelling at the speed of light. When new information is received by the body a chemical response takes place and a change in frequency occurs. As soon as the cell receives the message it knows what to do and will obediently follow instruction until its job is done.


Our electromagnetic field that surrounds our body is comprised of two parts - subtle bodies and energy emanations. The subtle bodies are bands of energy of varying intensity and vibration that surround and interpenetrate with the physical body. All of the organs, tissues and systems within our body are comprised of similarly vibrating atoms.

An effective change in the aura (electromagnetic field) takes place with Vitali-Chi.

  • Within 0 – 10 minutes, a swirling of the energy field. There may be intensified feelings of imbalances in the energy field
  • Within 10 – 20 minutes, a polarising of the energy field, notably from the base of the spine, negative, to the top of the spine, positive - this is where the electrons/energies flow from
  • 20 minutes plus, a power surge - intense disturbed energies disappear, the energy field evens out

This ultimate cleanse of yours and others negative energies, enables a clearer flow of energy leading to wellbeing.


We have seven major energy centres called chakras that draw in energy to us. They are located near major endocrine organs in the physical body and are connected to the functioning of the endocrine (hormonal) system in the body. Vitali-Chi assists the cleansing of the energy within the chakra.

Polarity Balancing - Configuration of the Circuit

The configuration of the circuit is laid out in a figure of eight like a polarity circuit and this configuration helps the movement of the body’s energies. These movements occur as a result of the three axes of polarity that are found in the body. Head to toe, right side to left, and back to front. The energy locations used with Vitali-Chi are linked together to create a circuit that enhances recuperative processes. This link produces a better flow of energy. It is this energy that alone has the power to heal. When this energy is flowing we are “plugged” in and connected to the universal flow of energy.

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