1. Comprehensive training: The Advanced Vitali-Chi Practitioner course offers a comprehensive and in-depth training program, providing practitioners with extensive knowledge and skills to effectively prevent and restore ill health. The course covers a wide range of topics, including stress management, relationship conflict resolution, and overcoming addictive patterns of behaviour.

2. Holistic approach: The course emphasizes a holistic approach to wellbeing, addressing not only physical health but also mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This holistic perspective allows practitioners to have a more comprehensive understanding of the root causes of illness and to provide more effective healing methods.

3. Practical application: The course focuses on practical application, providing practitioners with the necessary tools and techniques to apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios. This ensures that practitioners are equipped with the skills needed to effectively help their clients and make a positive impact on their health and well-being.

4. Expert guidance: The course is led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who have a wealth of expertise in the field of well-being. Their guidance and support throughout the course ensure that practitioners receive the highest quality of training and mentorship, enabling them to excel in their practice.

5. Continued professional development: The Advanced Vitali-Chi Practitioner course offers ongoing support and resources for practitioners to continue their professional development. This includes access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and networking opportunities, allowing practitioners to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field and enhance their skills further.


1. Lengthy course material: The extensive nature of the course material may be overwhelming for some practitioners, especially those with limited time availability. The 2000-word minimum requirement for the pros and cons itself may indicate that the course material could potentially be too detailed or lengthy.

2. Cost: The Advanced Vitali-Chi Practitioner course may involve a significant financial investment, which could be a barrier for some individuals who may not have the resources to pursue the training. The course fee and any additional expenses associated with attending workshops or webinars could add up, making it less accessible for certain individuals.

3. Limited flexibility: The structured nature of the course may limit flexibility for practitioners who prefer a more self-paced or flexible learning approach. Some individuals may find it challenging to balance their existing commitments with the fixed schedule and course timeline.

4. Limited recognition: The Vitali-Chi Practitioner course, although acredited by the FHT in the UK, is not universally recognized or accredited worldwide, which may impact the credibility and recognition of practitioners within certain professional circles or industries. Individuals looking to pursue a career in a field where accreditation or recognition is particularly valued may need to consider this limitation.

5. Specific focus: The course primarily focuses on the prevention and restoration of ill health through the Vitali-Chi approach. While this can be highly beneficial for individuals aligned with this approach, practitioners who prefer a more diverse or multi-modal approach to well-being may find the course limiting in terms of the techniques and methods taught.

Overall, the VITALI-CHI WELLBEING PRACTITIONER COURSE - ADVANCED offers comprehensive training in the prevention and restoration of ill health with a holistic approach. While it provides practical application and expert guidance, individuals should consider factors such as the lengthy course material, cost, limited flexibility, limited recognition, and specific focus before making a decision to enrol in the course.

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