Thoughts Create Things

***Thoughts Create Things***

If you THINK that you're going to go shopping tomorrow then all
things being equal, you will probably go shopping tomorrow. On that trip, you will buy things. Things that would not be in your possession unless you had that initial thought. You see, thoughts precede action, that action creates 'things'. In other words, thoughts create things (cutting out the middle man).

Now, this is where it gets tricky.

To borrow a concept from the immortal John Lennon, imagine there's no God. Imagine there's no heaven. No reason to live or die for. Imagine there's NO law. So, with that imagination firmly in place, you're left with now. Just this life. Just today. Just this minute.

So, without any thought of reward in the afterlife, or fear of being punished in this one, what are you going to do? You've no need to be scared of prison or of being caught, so why not go and rob a bank, even an old lady? What's to stop you? In your imagined world, there's no God. No retribution. No law. Just you and now. If you imagine that nothing really matters (words of another great immortal; Freddie Mercury), you could become a worthless robbing murdering drunk. Not giving a damn about anyone or anything.  Just you.

Maybe that's enough imagining for one day. It's not a pretty world we're creating. But we could imagine another world. One where we only did good. For no other reason, than good feels better than bad. Where we 'added value' to everyone around us. Where we smiled at strangers. Where we went 'over and above' for our employers, friends, families and yes, even those strangers. Where we selflessly gave, our time, our money and our resources, to those less fortunate. Where people didn't starve to death.

Especially children. Where there was no incurable disease. Where there was enough medicine to go around. Where everyone on the planet had the right to strive. With adequate shelter, education and freedom to achieve their dreams. Where we didn't falsely hurt, maim or imprison. Where we didn't go to war. Where we didn't have a 'defence' force (that is used to attack). Where we all got on, regardless of our colour, creed, race or religion.

Go on try it. It's just your imagination. But here's the trick.

Today's thoughts create tomorrow's reality. Thoughts create things. Those things could be a better world.

So THINK of a better world. Today.

If enough of us THINK that way, then that world will become our

Pass it on.

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