Frequency is the term used to explain the vibration of energy in all things. Everything we know and understand has a vibrational frequency measured in Hertz (Hz). Royal Rife, Paul Nogier and Jack Swartz were the original pioneers of frequency medicine. They dedicated their lives to discovering the frequencies that correspond to such things as diseases, bacteria, viruses and other disorders.

Royal Rife is considered to be the father of frequency medicine. He described frequency in diseased and healthy organs and established many frequencies for various diseases and disorders. Since his famous work in the 1930’s and 1940’s many other studies have been done on frequencies by various researchers, including the Federal Government. Jack Swartz, author of ‘Human Energy Systems’ and other books is another referenced expert in frequency medicine.

In diagnostic medicine, frequencies are well known: EKG’s for the heart, EEG’s for the brain, and MRI’s for injured cells. There are only a few cold lasers that are capable of utilising and emitting hundreds of specialised frequencies (from 1-40,000 Hz) as well as specific well documented healing wavelengths in the red and infrared spectrum.

Frequencies help to activate the body’s innate cellular communication system and support positive immune, enzyme and endorphin responses.

Vitali-Chi Frequencies - Vitali-Chi Boost sends amplified vibrations named frequencies to the cells of the body. When these natural vibrational healing properties enter the body, they communicate to the cell what needs to happen. It may be to change a pattern of behaviour, emotion or attitude or a need to transform the pattern of creating a disease in the first place or both. All vibrational modalities activate information resident in the DNA and precipitate it into physical motion and chemical activity.

This is done because the frequency contains mind, body, soul and spirit ingredients that convey this to the cell and when this happens the cell changes structure either by dispersing the message that was held in it or by offering a new message to it, such as feed me, regenerate me or revitalise me.

Each organ system, while connected to the essential life force or chi of a person, is also a unique energy system, vibrating at a certain resonant frequency. An imbalance in the organ’s frequency represents a disturbance in its energy and slows the process of doing what it knows to do naturally – that is, to regenerate and renew itself. In order to stimulate regeneration, cells and organs need a specific input of energy of certain wave forms, which correlate to the weakened organ. They need the right amount of energy coupled with the right message. The ideal regenerative frequency is a booster shot of subtle energy, which imprints the proper energy pattern into the matrix of that organ system, producing a message which ultimately returns that organ system to its natural resonant frequency.

How the frequencies are made - The frequencies used in Vitali-Chi Boost and within our Wellbeing & Skin Care product range have been infused with vibrations from flowers, herbs, essential oils and earth minerals.

Emotionally they may include:
  • An emotional detox of all emotions and mind states
  • Transformation of patterns of behaviour, chakras, emotions, attitudes, beliefs and mind states
  • Cellular memory diffusion
  • Aura dispersal
  • Meridian diffusion and re-messaging
  • Addictive behaviour patterns and addictions dispersal and re-messaging
  • Inner Child and Relationship issues dispersal and re-messaging
  • Shock, wounds and trauma dispersal
  • Assistance with self-esteem and self-empowerment

Physically they may include:
  • The wellbeing of the aura, chakras, meridians, all organs and systems of the body
  • Molecular dispersal of disease at the cellular level
  • Dispersal of pain
  • Lymphatic and toxicity cleansing
  • Diffusion of allergies and sensitivities to foods and the environment
  • Detox of substances
  • Weight loss aid
  • Fertility and pregnancy aid
  • Nutritional needs and tonics
  • Energy and zest for life needs
  • First aid
  • Children, women and men’s wellbeing
  • Regeneration of skin, cells and organs
  • Sexual health

Spiritually they may include:
  • The wellbeing, rebirth and assisted raising of one’s consciousness
  • Spiritual evolution, lessons and all spiritual matters
  • Heightened intuition and psychic ability
  • Heightened awareness
  • An easier connection to all that is
  • Galactic consciousness

What makes these frequencies different than any others on the market?
  • Each multiple combination recipe contains vibrations that have been sourced worldwide and are up to date with current natural healing research.
  • They treat the root cause of each disease/problem and assist the healing of the mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • They may contain hundreds of vibrations, each messaging the cells to heal and change patterns of behaviour.
  • Patterns of behaviour are a major cause of continued ill health

Storage of Frequencies - Leave in their boxes and away from direct sunlight, heat, magnets and mobile phones.

Shelf Life of Frequencies, Wellbeing Patches & Products - There is an expiry date of 3 years for frequencies and wellbeing patches if they are looked after properly. They should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat, mobile phones and magnets. Products may state different expiry dates.

Frequency application - Put 2 drops of each frequency required into the Boost jar. After completing the session, empty the Boost jar of water and its contents. Add fresh frequencies every session, not exceeding 2 hours of usage to ensure effectiveness of the frequencies.

How many drops are in the bottle? - Approximately 190 drops which equates to 95 applications.

How long does the content of each bottle of frequency last? - Daily use = Approximately 13 weeks


How often should I use the frequencies? - For home-use and for best results we recommend using Vitali-Chi Boost with frequencies for 40/60 minutes daily. Longer periods of time or more frequent use will not harm but water must be drunk before and after each treatment to help release toxins from your body. We suggest not exceeding 2 hours of daily use due to an excess release of toxins.

How long should I continue using the same frequency for? - Continue using the chosen set of frequencies until symptoms have subsided and wellbeing has improved. Repeat with the same frequencies if the problem is large and chronic until symptoms have improved.

Stopping the disease process completely - The frequencies re-message the cells to stop the conflict within that develops the disease because of the ingredients it uses. A change in consciousness takes place because the frequencies re-message the cells with the new pattern of behaviour. However, conscious and active changes in lifestyle and stopping the root cause of the disease will speed up this process.

Vitali-Chi Frequency Attributes - The written attributes inside the Box Sets explain the root cause of the disease/problem and greatly assist the transformational change by prompting the person to change their patterns of behaviour which will further assist recovery and wellbeing.

What could interfere with recovery and wellbeing by blocking the flow of our energy?
  • Resistance to change
  • (Resistance to stopping counter-productive addictions/habits)
  • (Resistance to changing counter-productive lifestyle/diet/water/exercise/sleep)
  • Sabotage
  • Pay-offs
  • Negative Self Messaging
  • Ongoing Fears, Stress & Anxiety
  • Medication
Resistance to change - This may occur when the person hesitates or refuses to change – this usually occurs out of fear of the unknown and fear of losing what they know. It is often more comfortable to stay the same rather than invite new beginnings. For example: They may lose the companionship of others who visit them for being sick if they were to get better and would then return to being lonely. Or they may fear being assertive when being passive gets them fuss and attention. Resistance to stopping counter-productive addictions and habits will resist the healing process. Resistance to changing a lifestyle that has a poor diet, too little water, no exercise or lack of sleep can only be counter-productive to healing.

Sabotage - The above examples typically explain sabotage. Another example is the refusal to face ones’ addictions that sabotage one’s life and relationships. For example: Continued smoking when one has bronchitis or
heavy alcohol consumption when one has cancer. Or not going to bed early enough which would help wellbeing. Or refusal to leave work on time which contributes to ‘burn out’.

Pay-offs - Pay-offs describe what the person gains from staying sick. They are often bigger carrots for the person than change.

Negative Self Messaging - This is when we consistently tell ourselves negative thoughts. We are often unaware of the negative conversation we are having with ourselves and do not realise its penetrating effect. Repeated messages that consistently drip-feed negativity remain in our mind and as we re-play the negative thoughts we then believe they must be true. For example: ‘I’m not good enough for the job – life will never change for me, I may as well give up’. If repeated often enough the message will be believed to be true, for the subconscious mind believes everything to be true whether the message is positive or negative.

If negative messaging is practiced enough we will forever block the flow of our energy and will always create illness and symptoms. We must choose not to block the flow of our energy with consistent, regular negative thinking. We must choose not to believe negative messages that we tell ourselves or from others. Instead if we identify the negative message and state clearly that we have no evidence that supports the message to be true we can collapse the thoughts. With practice and awareness our energy system can then be free flowing and we can stay well.

Ongoing Stress & Anxiety - If we don’t address our problems and continue to become anxious over them or if we don’t manage our stressors and continue to secrete ongoing stress hormones we will keep creating symptoms.

Medication - Pharmaceutical drugs may slow the healing process as they suppress the dis-ease but with the use of Vitali-Chi the effects of the drug can become accelerated. The most important thing here is to remember to detox the drug residue with Vitali-Chi use and diet.

Summary - In summary, the frequencies address the root cause of the disease by dispersing old patterns of behaviour and then re-message the cells with new patterns of behaviour. But conscious re-programming and taking action to stop the root cause will accelerate this recovery time. A change in attitude to a person/situation or problem together with a change in perception with a decision to turn around an experience can stop the dis-ease process. Also, avoidance of resistance to change, sabotage, pay-offs, negative self-messaging, anxiety and stress will greatly help you let go of past, current and future states of mind that create disease.

For Effective Results
  • Always use fresh frequencies for each session that lasts up to 2 hours
  • Keep the Boost jar clean
  • Continue using frequencies that specifically treat problems/symptoms until they have gone
  • Continue using frequencies that treat patterns of behaviour if they are necessary, until they have gone
  • Do not stop a process – trouble shoot any area by referring to ‘what could interfere with energy flow’, as above
Whenever there is new information, whereby something new has been added to the equation, introduce a new frequency – this could be for any physical/emotional state that may surface from the past or is being made currently, e.g. a chest infection may occur or an accident/injury/loss/shock etc.

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