The human body is an energy system. Both the ancients and the modern scientist agree that everything in life is formed of vibration. Vibration is the movement of sub-atomic particles called electrons and protons that are contained within atoms and molecules that every substance consists of. Vibration exists in objects, in animals, in people and in the atmosphere around us.

The human body is made up of energy fields which surround and emanate energy and interact with the physical body and its various functions.

The Meridians

We have channels of energy called meridians which connect the organ systems with each other and supply the entire body with life energy. When an unhindered flow of energy is possible and we take in enough energy, we are physically and psychologically healthy. However, if there are disorders or blocks in the energy flow, certain parts of the body are under supplied as a result.

The meridians are supplied by vortexes of energy called chakras which collect energy from the aura that is all around us.

The Aura (Subtle Bodies)

The aura is comprised of two parts - subtle bodies and energy emanations. The subtle bodies are bands of energy of varying intensity and vibration that surround and interpenetrate with the physical body.

All of the organs, tissues and systems within our body are comprised of similarly vibrating atoms.

Our Major Chakras

We have seven major energy centres called chakras that draw spiritual energy into us. The harmonious use of each chakra is essential to our wellbeing and our wholeness.

The seven major chakras are located near major endocrine organs in the physical body and are connected to the functioning of the endocrine (hormonal) system in the body. They are responsible for processing the spiritual energy into usable energy for the physical body. They do this by changing very high fine vibrations to lower, thus slower, vibrations that can be used by the physical body.

(This is an excerpt from The Vitali-Chi Advanced Practitioner Course, which utilises Vitali-Chi Boost, the revolutionary healthcare system)

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