The Remarkable Jill Jesson

Jill Jesson is a remarkable woman. I should know, I married her. She has used her innate ability and desire to help others for the last 35 years. A practising ‘alternative’ therapist, she is skilled in massage, nutrition and 33 other disciplines she travelled the world to learn. Her advice is now widely sought and I am often asked how Vitali-Chi started. Simply put, I guess it started with Jill's previously mentioned genuine desire to help others.

Jill trained around the world and then came back to Mersea to expand her practice with the many additional skills. During that time, a client introduced her to a rudimentary copper circuit that he'd brought back from Thailand.

Jill incorporated the system into her treatments and then was inspired to add two other dimensions to form the basis of what was to become Vitali-Chi Boost, our truly ground-breaking healing system.

By the way, I did play a role in all of this, because whilst on one of our early morning walks in Mallorca, Jill started to talk about the system and how she thought it deserved a wider audience. That's when I came up with the name. You see, after scientific trials, it was proven that Vitali-Chi Boost increased vitality via the life force Chi. So, it was a fairly simple matter to replace the 'ty' with the 'Chi' to create Vitali-Chi, with the system getting a new name: 'Boost'.

So, from that one walk we named the company and of our 'flagship'. Simple eh?
But what followed was far from simple, as we decided to take the idea to fruition. So, after a year in development, in 2013, we formed Vitali-Chi Ltd. and have spent the last 10 years developing the idea into what it is today. Along the way, Boost spawned Balance and Relax, both great concepts in themselves, along with inspiring our now 100+ vibration infused product range. It certainly has been a journey and we have literally spent our life savings to get where we are today, where we know we are making a really positive difference to many thousands around the world. Not bad from one little walk and a lot of leather, support and determination.

We have now expanded into running retreats and the first one is in June 2022, followed by another in September. We used PageFly (#closethegap) to build the landing pages where we describe how we are creating “4 days to restore your energy and wellbeing. To rediscover your wellness in the serene Essex countryside, near Bradwell-on-Sea, with great views over the estuary. We will help you re-find your balance. 4 days of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dietary, health and relationship wellbeing, nature, games, exercises, joy, laughter and contemplation.”

For more information about the retreats, please go here:

Retreat – Vitali-Chi - Here To Heal

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