Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Systems


Based on the ancient healing principle of acupuncture but without the needles. Just lay back and relax on Vitali-Chi Balance or Boost to feel revitalised. 


VITALI-CHI BALANCE is a natural preventative health care system that revitalises depleted energy. It is the perfect meditation. It rebalances and regulates your energy and blood pressure, calms your nervous system and cleanses your personal space (aura). It relieves tension and stress and improves sleep patterns. Regular use can help you feel relaxed  yet alert. This is also the system used in our VITALI-CHI RELAX concept.



VITALI-CHI BOOST does so much more. It safely delivers and increases the potency of natural healing vibrations that assist wellbeing, skin care, regeneration and weight loss. Communication to the cells increases, thereby enhancing the immune system. The additional booster is thought to disrupt bacteria, pathogens and damaged cells and existing energy doubles after just one hour of use. This is the system used by VITALI-CHI PRACTITIONERS & SALONS


Both systems induce the deeply relaxing Theta Brain Wave state which increases cell regeneration and encourages DNA to repair and heal. Very importantly it decreases the production of cortisol linked to ageing, stress, fatigue, inflammation and pain. 


The PLUS options also include 16 hours of exclusive guided meditations to listen to whilst relaxing.