After arriving at around 3pm, you will be shown to your room. After settling in, we will have an Introduction and Ice Breaker. Then we will take you through a 
Chakra Quiz & take you on a journey through The Chakras and a summary of how to achieve genuine wellbeing. We will then participate in a Root Chakra Meditation, followed by a group exercise around root chakra issues, such as fear, anxiety and stability.

At 7:00 we will enjoy a chef prepared dinner and then afterwards is your free time to enjoy the garden, games, hot tub, evening walk, sit and chat, or chill, the choice is yours.


We start Day 2 with Yoga, led by our experienced yoga teacher. We make sessions suitable for all levels. Afterwards you will enjoy a lovely 'top end' buffet breakfast. Fresh fruits, juices, muesli, muffins, pastries, cereals and eggs cooked to order.

We'll stay in the kitchen for cooking and dietary demonstrations, foods that heal, foods that energise. Don’t worry, you’ll also get hands on. At the end of the session you will have helped to make at least 3 different juices and 7 healthy and tasty recipes, all of which will be sampled over lunch. You also get to take your mini step-by-step cookbook home, so you can repeat to impress friends and family.

Then we'll have a Sacral Chakra Meditation, followed by lunch. In the afternoon we have scheduled a 'reflective and objective setting' walk (and some bird watching with our experienced birder). Upon your return we will have a group exercise based on the Sacral Chakra, followed by a Solar Plexus Meditation and group activity based on the same.

In the evening we will be having a beach or garden picnic, followed by free time.


Day 3 begins with Yoga, followed by breakfast. Then we will have a group exercise based on the Heart Chakra. We will then have a Throat Chakra Meditation followed by lunch.
In the afternoon you have time for another reflective walk or art activity (canvas and paints supplied). We will then regroup for an exercise around the Throat Chakra. We will then have a Third Eye Chakra Meditation, followed by a group session about intuition and connecting to Universal Consciousness, including how this can help you in your work, relationships and reaching your true potential. We will then have a quick session of Chi Kung, before your BBQ Dinner and free time.


Day 4 begins with Yoga, followed by breakfast. We will then hold a Crown Chakra Group Activity and then wrap up.
You should depart around 11.00am



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