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Many of our customers have been kind enough to leave reviews. Laura went the extra yard with this one, so I thought I should as well (by adding links to the various products):

"having tried one or two of the Vitali-Chi sprays, notably the sleep spray – which works wonders, I was interested in testing out some of the other products. There isn’t one I would not recommend, and I now use many throughout my day or week. This is how I tend to use them, and they really do work….my partner put water in some empty bottles with labels on (without me knowing)  to see if I noticed the difference, and I did!!!  

This is how I tend to use them, though I would recommend trusting your instincts too as to what you need at any given time:

Morning – positive attitude, vibrancy, personal power

Before work – creative force, super balance, crystal clear

Before meditation or relaxing – super calm, advanced soul, Super aura and chakra repair, super psychic, meditation

Before bed – sleep, super calm

When struggling with losing father – trauma-eze,

During stressful situation – Stress buster, crystal clear

Am going through menopause so if having a bad day or week – meno-eze

When tired and need to work or do something – super pick me up,

When needing to clear a bad smell or wanting to refresh room – peppermint

I also use the patches, wearing behind the ears, and these are also great. Currently wearing super brain as have to work on a lot of projects currently, and certainly feel a bit more focused, and able to come up with some great ideas, than I usually would. I’ve used most, and recommend.

Not sure what else to say, except you won’t know until you’ve tried. Maybe if you are thinking about using them, reflect on what are the issues which are most pressing you right now, and just order a bundle to see if that helps…nothing ventured, nothing gained. And yes, although pricey for some, I do think they are good value for money."

Laura Kerr

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