Life Improvement Tip - Exercise


True Story: In the autumn of 2006 I had become the fattest I had ever been. I didn't like it and I decided to do something about it. I decided to run a marathon. At the time I was 48 years of age and could not even run a mile, so to imagine running over 26 of them, seemed like Mission Impossible. But I came up with a simple idea and I called it:

"Further Than Yesterday"

Simply put, it did not matter how far I ran or walked on that first day, all I had to do on the second day, was to go further. On the third day, I needed to go further still. True story. This is what did for the next SIX months, culminating in me completing the London Marathon in 2007 (from not completing a mile on that first day).

I went onto run the marathon in 2009 and again in 2011 and 2014.

I ran potentially my last in 2017 (it is taking me longer to forget how painful it is :).  The point of me telling you this story is that it does not matter where you are CURRENTLY at in terms of your fitness levels. It does not matter either your CURRENT physical capabilities. The point is that you can go 'further than yesterday' and you can have more exercise in your life.

Why bother? Why exercise?

Because it is just so good for you. Physically, mentally, spiritually. The benefits are just too many too list. But most importantly, you feel good about yourself. Your body shape alters, your diet naturally improves, you find yourself making healthier choices (why run 2 miles and then ruin the gain by eating that cream bun?). You will have more energy. Your sex life will probably improve. But if you don't like running, there are many other ways you can exercise. Here are just a few:

Gardening, swimming, any competitive sport, walking, cycling (including walking or cycling to commute), rowing, climbing (including stairs), sailing, weight lifting, indoor gym, dance, aerobics etc. etc.

Even if you're in a wheelchair, it really doesn't matter. You can
exercise. Just do it! (Further than yesterday)

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