Frequency is the term used to explain the vibration of energy in all things. Everything we know and understand has a vibrational frequency measured in Hertz (Hz). Royal Rife, Paul Nogier and Jack Swartz were the original pioneers of frequency medicine. They dedicated their lives to discovering the frequencies that correspond to such things as diseases, bacteria, viruses and other disorders. 

Royal Rife is considered to be the father of frequency medicine. He described frequency in diseased and healthy organs and established many frequencies for various diseases and disorders. Since his famous work in the 1930’s and 1940’s many other studies have been done on frequencies by various researchers, including the Federal Government. Jack Swartz, author of ‘Human Energy Systems’ and other books is another referenced expert in frequency medicine.

In diagnostic medicine, frequencies are well known: EKG’s for the heart, EEG’s for the brain, and MRI’s for injured cells. There are only a few cold lasers that are capable of utilising and emitting hundreds of specialised frequencies (from 1-40,000 Hz) as well as specific well documented healing wavelengths in the red and infrared spectrum. 

Frequencies help to activate the body’s innate cellular communication system and support positive immune, enzyme and endorphin responses. 

Our vibrational frequencies help to revitalise chi – your natural life force. They work at a cellular level that is more than just skin deep and enhance positive cell renewal. They contain natural frequencies that are sourced from flowers, herbs, essential oils and earth minerals and may assist wellbeing, skin care, regeneration or weight loss.

Vitali-Chi Boost sends amplified vibrations named frequencies to the cells of the body. When they enter the body, they communicate to the cell what needs to happen. It may be to detox, revitalise, regenerate, change a pattern of behaviour, emotion or attitude and transform the pattern of creating a disease in the first place. Because of this they assist root cause healing and help take out the stress that life has put in. All vibrational modalities activate information resident in the DNA and precipitate it into physical motion and chemical activity.

This is done because the frequency contains mind, body, soul and spirit ingredients that convey this to the cell and when this happens the cell changes structure either by dispersing the message that was held in it or by offering a new message to it.

Each organ system, while connected to the essential life force or chi of a person, is also a unique energy system, vibrating at a certain resonant frequency. An imbalance in the organ’s frequency represents a disturbance in its energy and slows the process of doing what it knows to do naturally – that is, to regenerate and renew itself. In order to stimulate regeneration, cells and organs need a specific input of energy of certain wave forms, which correlate to the weakened organ. They need the right amount of energy coupled with the right message. The ideal regenerative frequency is a booster shot of subtle energy, which imprints the proper energy pattern into the matrix of that organ system, producing a message which ultimately returns that organ system to its natural resonant frequency.

Vitali-Chi Frequencies follow the 5,000 year old theory of the Chinese Five Element system whereby suppressed emotions can lead to dis-ease. Typically the frequency Immune Defense and all Immune Defense products repattern destructive emotions such as scorn, intolerance, contempt, unmerciful behaviour and depression. These emotions if left unprocessed could lead to lung conditions and infections of the body as they lower the immune system.  A repatterning of the cells takes place when frequencies that assist the person to live and speak their truth are added to the mix to assist the regeneration of new cells.

In short, Vitali-Chi Vibrational Frequencies help return the person back to a state of balance by restoring the person’s energy system. The frequencies address the root cause of the symptoms which totally collapse when treated with the correct energy medicine.

Please Note: We do not claim to cure. This method of healing is not to be used in place of or postponement of traditional medical treatment, so if in doubt please see your Doctor.


They are to be used with Vitali-Chi Boost only and are not to be taken internally. 

For best results, we recommend using Vitali-Chi Boost for 40 - 60 minutes daily. Longer periods of time or more frequent use will not harm but water must be drunk before and after each treatment to help release toxins from your body. After completion, empty the used contents. Repeat with new frequencies each session. 

Random Frequencies - Add 2 drops of one or more from your Box Set of Frequencies and add to water in the booster jar. Continue with the same frequencies until symptoms subside or the desired state of mind has been assisted.

Full Program of Frequencies/Bespoke Wellbeing Program - Add 2 drops of all of the 10 frequencies and follow as above. 

SYMPTOMS OF THE BODY - Appropriate frequencies to assist the healing of symptoms of the body are suggested by a qualified Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing practitioner. To assist in this process please ask for our email questionnaire or contact your Vitali-Chi Practitioner.

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