What? Start My Own Brand? Me? No! It’s Way Too Hard!

Sometimes dogged determination is what you need in life...

When I look back at the three years that it took us to design and create our wellbeing and skin care range, it is with a mixture of pride and frustration. You see, we did not always get it right to begin with and we often took trademark and cosmetic regulations for granted, wrongly assuming that we would crack it first time. Of course, we did not and I remember, all too clearly, the feeling when the results from the lab test came back informing us that we'd failed (and would have to start the whole 3 month long process all over again, once we'd spent many more hours in the lab, adjusting what we thought was already a perfect recipe). It did not help that we had already printed our brochures, created videos and other advertising materials, in anticipation of what we thought was going to be a flawless launch. Still, we persevered, and I am very pleased to report that today, we are now the proud owners of a 100+ product range, which has become very popular in the UK. We are just expanding further afield so putting aside Brexit concerns for a few moments, we do hope to broaden our European horizons. We now have hundreds of 5 star reviews, both on our web-site (vitali-chi.co) and Amazon too. We have learned a lot a long the way and that is one of the reasons we are now offering a 'white label' service to other salons and therapists. We don't want you to go through what we have done!

That is why we have taken the hard work out of the process. All you have to do is to choose which products from our extensive range you want to have your own label and design on. We will also help you with that design and once agreed, we will go into print and start manufacturing your range. With low minimum order quantities, you can get started for far less than you have previously imagined. Without all the hard work. It does not stop there either, as we can also help you with advertising materials and we have a number of video templates we can also tailor to your needs.

We can help you set up your web-site and before you know it, let's say within one month from today, you could be selling online, in your salon and wherever else you would like to. YOUR range. There are no restrictions. So, if starting your own cosmetic, skincare and wellbeing range has ever been on your potential to do list, then now is the time to make that potentiality an actuality. Please follow this link and start the conversation (or use the contact form on this site). I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised with the following thought:

“What? Start My Own Brand? Me?
Yes! With Vitali-Chi, It’s Not Too Hard At All!”


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