Free Candle Aroma Diffuser (with 6 Aroma Frequencies - Save £72)


This is a Candle AND Aroma Diffuser with a realistic flame, giving off a wonderful aroma of your choice. The flame will sway as the mist rises, just like a real candle from afar.

This is a beautiful product and will add fragranced healing to your world. Works perfectly with any of our AromaFrequencies, just add 6 drops to alter the feel of any room.

Safely create the right atmosphere with the perfect fragrance and mood lighting. Although flameless, The Candle AND Aroma Diffuser creates the flickering effect like a real candle. Completely safe to use giving you a realistic appearance without the fire hazards, smoke or messy dripping wax. Absolutely safe for families with pets or young children. No more worry about forgetting to extinguish the candles! This diffuser offers 2 timer settings: 2 hours or continuous. With 120ml capacity and 25ml/h output mist, the Candle AND Aroma Diffuser can run 4-6 hours continuously and the fragrance will fill the whole room quickly.

Candle In The Wind? It doesn't matter, ours will not blow out! It smells nice too, looking especially attractive when the room is darkened. Easy to use and will shut down automatically when out of water. Safe and reliable.

This offer comes with 6 AromaFrequencies of your choice. These are unique blends of 100% pure essential oils infused with natural healing properties. Just click Add to Cart and let us know your choice after checkout. If you'd like to purchase the Candle AND Aroma Diffuser separately, without the 6 AromaFrequencies, please go here.. I f .


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    For those shipments over 2kg, which include The Ambassador & Party Plan Package, those are shipped the following day by courier, so you will normally receive within 2 working days from order. If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks Allen

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