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VITALI-CHI BOOST enhances and safely delivers natural healing vibrations via the energy field. Assists all health issues including skin care, regeneration, weight loss, personal, psychic and spiritual development or relationship wellbeing.

Healing in a handy carry case... Your Vitali-Chi Boost contains: Copper mesh pads, Boost Bottle, Box of 10 vibrational frequencies, a Booster, Hand-Foot Connectors, Eye Mask, Soothing Solfeggio Music CD, 2 spare washable covers for Mesh Pads, a Timer, Cotton bag to hold loose items.

  • Cells in your body become lighter, brighter and stronger and so are able to send clearer messages of instruction for healing
  • Enhances the Immune System by increasing communication to the cells
  • Booster helps disrupt bacteria, pathogens and damaged cells
  • Doubles your existing energy after just one hour of use
  • Detox – Assists the organs of elimination
  • Induces a Theta Brain Wave State which is the self-healing state which:-
  • Encourages DNA to repair and heal
  • Increases production of hormones Melatonin, DHEA, HGH
  • Decreases production of cortisol linked to ageing, stress, fatigue, inflammation and pain

VITALI-CHI BOOST has been designed for use for by the 'layman' and the experienced practitioner as it increases wellbeing and can also be used for preventative care as well as health issues. It is also an invaluable tool for professionals who facilitate personal change as it can be used with visualisation, imagery work, affirmations or positive programming and can assist spiritual development as it helps clear the aura of emotional debris. An increased sensitivity to life energy may occur and one may experience enhanced intuitive abilities as the energy channels clear. Very effective in releasing hidden emotions, memories and patterns of bodily tension.

Vitali-Chi Boost is an energy and wellbeing system that revitalises and regulates the natural energy that flows through your body.

It is made of copper which has many healing properties and is a conductor of energy.

Vitali-Chi induces a theta brain wave state which is deeply relaxing. It is this meditative state known as the relaxation response that encourages the body to self heal.

It helps to decrease the production of cortisol, the stress chemical which is responsible for causing pain, inflammation and the ageing process. The cells in your body are able to regenerate stronger and healthier therefore your immune system can become stronger.

The connectors which are attached from the feet to the opposite hands also have copper running through them. They are placed in a figure of eight which enhances a better flow of energy. This energy, when flowing freely, has the power to heal.
Vitali-Chi uses natural vibrational healing properties to help heal physical and emotional symptoms whilst revitalising your energy. These are placed in the jar and are carried through the copper into the body. Remember copper is a conductor … Copper enhances and amplifies the delivery of the natural vibrational healing properties.

We then use the booster. This is a 9 volt battery which creates a square wave vibrating at 30 KHz. As human beings we are made up of sine waves. The square wave created by the Boost is deliberately disruptive, yet safe to use. It is this disruption that encourages viruses, bacteria and pathogens to disperse.
The body absorbs the natural vibrational healing properties which help to detox physical and emotional symptoms and help feed and regenerate healthy cells.
As the energy balances throughout the body, emotions will release, surface and disperse.

Our clients tell us they feel calmer, lighter and more energised, also happier and healthier after a Vitali-Chi session.

We have amazing testimonials on our website of how Vitali-Chi has helped so many people in such positive ways …