Fertility Gift Set - To Assist With Any Fertility Issues (Save £12)

£62 £74

The perfect combination to assist every couple with any fertility issues. Superb package includes:

SUPER CALM WELLBEING PATCHES+ Helps create calm made by anger, agitation, restlessness, hyper-activity, fears, phobias, panic and anxiousness. Helping you to cope through adversity. Helpful for bladder problems.

WELL WOMAN GEL+ Suitable for painful periods, hormonal imbalance, heavy bleeding, inflammation, polyps, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, menopause and vaginal dryness. Assists and is helpful as a hormone regulator. The All Natural HRT Alternative. 100ml

LOVE POTION SENSUOUS MASSAGE OIL+ - Hand made with 100% organic sunflower seed, jojoba seed, apricot kernel, rose geranium and ylang ylang oils. Sensuously erotic and arousing. 100% organic plant and essential oils chosen to nourish the skin and heighten you and your partner’s senses. Fragranced to act like an aphrodisiac. Paraben Free. Vegan friendly. Directions: Use liberally as a sensuous massage oil (as often as you like :)

POSITIVE ATTITUDE AROMAFREQUENCIES+ Helps release pessimistic, negative thoughts and feelings made by persistent negative messaging. Opens one up to experience the Law of Attraction by helping to change ones’ expectations. Contains natural vibrational healing properties, Tangerine & Bergamot Essential Oils. 10ml

SUPER BALANCE WELLBEING SPRITZER+ Replenishes lost energy and nutrients that cause poor bone strength, nerve, brain, memory, heart, cholesterol plaque, low immune function, poor regulation of hormones, PMS, cyclical symptoms, under or overactive thyroid, prostate, sexual dysfunction and low libido. 50ml

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