Relax Leader Package (for set of 10)


We are looking for motivated people to lead relaxation groups in their area. Whilst no formal credentials are required, we ask our applicants to have an eagerness to help spread wellbeing in their chosen area, along with a desire to be successful.

We have created unique transformational visualisations which incorporate specific life skills, with each session focusing on relaxation and meditation. Participants use Vitali-Chi equipment to get into a meditative state far easier than traditional methods.

They may choose to sit in a chair or most lie on a yoga mat on the floor.

Every session follows a carefully constructed script that also incorporates mindfulness concepts and life skills. Vitali-Chi assists the healing and relaxation process because it helps to rebalance the body's energy, calm the nervous system and create a less stressed environment.

Vitali-Chi Relax is suitable for everyone; small groups, schools, hospitals, care homes, teams, sport centres, corporate etc. etc. Online and shadow training included, along with kits, CD's, aroma diffuser, AromaFrequencies, journals, mats, pillows etc. Online training included!

The Starter Kit has enough equipment for groups of 10, if you want to run bigger groups, then Expansion Kits are available in sets of 5 (so 1 Starter Kit and 1 Expansion Kit will enable you to have groups of 15). 

The Starter Kit includes: 1 carry bag, 10 paired ‘Balance’ copper pads, 20 hand/foot connectors, 6 cd’s and 6 mp3’s, 1 training manual, training videos, 1 timer, 10 eye masks, 4 pairs of socks, 1 Aroma Diffuser, 1 journal, 5 aroma frequencies and some initial marketing and advertising materials,  ongoing training and support, 12 month Vitali-Chi equipment replacement ‘normal wear & tear’ guarantee, marketing guidance and further product development and enhancement as time goes on.


Here is the link for the 5 Set Expansion Kits. There is also a question and answer page here which explains more about the opportunity. Or, alternatively, scroll back to the top and add to your basket. We'd love to have you on board and we will help you every step of the way.

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