Super-Eze Special Gift Set (Save £8.00)

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1 Super-Eze Bath Salts+ 300ml + 1 Super-Eze Gel+ 100ml

Soak and ease your aches away.

SPECIAL PRICE £35.00 (RRP £43.00) * SAVE £8.00 *

Super-Eze Gel+

Suitable for physical and emotional pain, tight and sore muscles, ligaments and tendons, joint stiffness and calcified bones, including arthritis. Assists and is helpful for emotional and physical pain. Also helpful for skin cysts. 100ml . 

"I wouldn’t be without this gel. It is a lifesaver."

"Relief for sore muscles. I am using this product on my stiff shoulder, and am getting really good results. A little goes a long way. Very happy to recommend."

"Life saver. This gel is fantastic it helps all my pain problems and gets me through the days easier Even my doctor is amazed at the difference it makes to me I’ve recommended it to so many people they are all so amazed at the difference it makes to them as well So glad I found super eze"

"Super-Eze. My mother uses this on her swollen finger joint from arthritis and it has definitely reduced the pain and inflammation. She also rubs it into her bunions. Jury is still out on that one but I’m sure there will be an improvement."

"Eased my pain. I have used super eze gel on aches and pains and most recently arthritis on my feet and hands and it instantly makes it feel better. I recently hurt my back and using this my back felt better within a couple of days also on a shoulder injury. Use it often and it does work. Very happy with this product."

Super-Eze Bath Salts+

Fragranced, suitable for physical and emotional pain, tight and sore muscles, ligaments and tendons, joint stiffness and calcified bones, including arthritis. A combination of mineral rich Epsom and Dead Sea salts with Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils which also help strengthen the immune system, ease stress, nervous tension and exhaustion and improve skin conditions. 300ml
"Super Relaxing Bath Salts - Having a bath feels a real treat with these Super-Eze bath salts. A little goes a long way. The lavender smell is beautiful, without being overpowering. It doesn't take long to feel how soft your skin feels. You instantly feel yourself relaxing, like every cell in your body is letting go, soothing away aches and pains. These are a firm favourite product of mine."

"Amazing bath salts. I fell off my manual scooter yesterday, after a soak in the bath in the evening and an amazing nights sleep (best sleep for years) I am absolutely thrilled how well I have recovered from my tumble. Thank you so much xxx"

"I was really struggling with the loss of my mum and very stressed, I got to the point I could no longer cope. After using these bath salts I am back to myself not only do I feel relaxed I am emotionally stable anxiety free with no more aches and pains."

"I use these salts when I’m feeling a bit low, under the weather, exhausted or a little achy and after I have soaked in these salts, I can honestly say that I can feel noticeably better as soon as I get out of the bath. I would highly recommend these bath salts."

"These are fantastic, you just have to read the informative product description to understand the benefits. But whether you are aching from sport and need to soak or are achy and tense from too much desk sitting these salts really treat those aches and assist the body in getting rid of them."

"Fantastic product- I have purchased numerous tubs of these bath salts very relaxing scent, brilliant for aches and pains whilst also physically and mentally relaxing your whole body, highly recommend!"


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