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Understand How to Heal. Our complete range, in an easy to read PDF. Packed full of handy tips to help you improve whatever needs improving! Enjoy!

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Vanessa Scola
Products are really wonderful quality.

Dear Allen

Products are really wonderful quality.

Service is excellent and so quick. Always arrive the following day.
Aroma frequencies are so well mixed and created with so many different health benefits and smell really good.

I love (Super) Pick me up in particular.

Website it fine but I do have issues placing orders using my phone when trying to order. Not sure why.

Love the fact you recycle and give me £10.00 off as I am still working very few hours currently until it picks up again.

Your prices are very good and such value for money.

I love the hand and body cream, it smells beautiful.

I love the samples you send with the orders. They are a little treat I use when I feel the need to have something lovely.

Still love your products!

Hi Allen

Still love your products! Super eze, super calm and immune defence are still my go to’s. My Delux aroma defuser (silver base) has not kept as well as my first but I liked the look of it better (it may have been me, I think it got knocked over and water seeped out, as the silver has gone patchy - I’m not worried, as it still works). I like to buy in bulk so I have a nice stock, which I have.

I’ve just taken a look at the new website, it looks great! You offer great little incentives. Your service is always prompt. I still love your hand sanitiser, doesn’t dry my hands out. I don’t use it all the time, but do like to have it in my bag if I need it. I must do a review for it! Sorry!

Thank you.


Eileen French
Really happy

I am really happy with the service you provide. Having bought a number of humidifiers from and had them hand delivered, I am very impressed. Your products are not cheap but they do work, so I feel they are value for money. The Company is accessible, with real people. All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I would like to know, however, if you still wish to have the bottles returned and provide a credit against them? As a very mature person, I sometimes find the technology a bit confusing but you have always shown patience and understanding with me. So from me, it is a big Thank You and please, stay as you are. I suspect you won't but I will do my best to adapt.
Eileen French, CO2 8RS

Mary Laing
Great service with speedy delivery

Great service with speedy delivery, love the attention to detail with the bonus gifts you include, the way they are packaged and presented makes them ideal for me to carry around in my day bag.

Warmest wishes


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