Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Practitioner Course - Advanced

£1,900 £2,100

Once you have completed the Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Practitioner Course Level 1, you have the opportunity to take Vitali-Chi, the revolutionary Wellbeing System, to a completely different level.

Help achieve the most outstanding results with your patient’s wellbeing.

Learn how this method of Quantum Physics is capable of detoxing cellular memory, surfacing and dispersing trauma, instructing every cell in the body with new patterns of behaviour, giving the cells what they need to repair.


  • How disease is made and how disease is healed – from degeneration to regeneration of the cells

  • All about Vibrational Medicine

  • How your DNA, heart, brain, mind and every cell in your body communicates to each other

  • The Root Cause of ill health, weight loss and much more….

  • How your emotions can make you well or make you sick

  • How patterns of behaviour affect relationships

  • Self Testing (a form of muscle testing) that accurately pinpoints the problem and finds the exact Vibrational Frequency for the individual


  • Addictions and addictive behaviour

  • The neuroscience of emotions, psychoneuroimmunology and emotional intelligence

  • Epigenetics and how we can change our genes

Transform Ill Health & Accelerate Wellbeing With:

  • Vitali-Chi

  • Healing Diets

  • Easy protocols for addictions, weight loss, cancer and relationship wellbeing

  • And many other healing methods


  • A 400 page PDF Manual

  • 10 Boxes of Vitali-Chi Vibrational Frequencies to help many mind and body states

  • Products to introduce to your client’s / patient’s

  • A Qualification to be proud of

As you go through this excellent and easy-to-follow training, your excitement should be starting to build. Your physical delivery will already be on its way, complete with products and marketing materials. You will have also received your 'how to' manuals, which contain step-by-step guides.

If that wasn't enough, the course also includes exclusive videos (not available anywhere else) and they are complete with very valuable and practical tips.


At the end of the course, you will be a Certificated and Qualified Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Practitioner Advanced and you will be also armed with the knowledge and strategies to enable you to market your newfound knowledge and services. This is the same content we used to teach in our physical workshops, as shown in the below video - but now those valuable lessons are online and you can study at a pace to suit yourself.


We genuinely would love to have you onboard and will do everything in our power to help you succeed. If you have any questions or have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks Allen and Jill

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